The Stream Game


This activity will help students learn about aquatic animals and what happens to their populations and the environment over time.

Each player or team chooses to be either a dragonfly, a bass, a blue heron, or a crayfish. Each player follows his or her stream toward home, "the river." Ideally the play area looks like an X with each of the arms 12 spaces long and leading to the center "home."

As the game proceeds both positive and negative events happen that affect each animal. Players gain and lose chips that represent the population level of each species. As the number of chips rise and fall, so does the ability of that species to survive.

The game can be played by 2 to 4 players and modified for different age groups by using the appropriate CHANCE cards.



  1. Give each player (or team) starts with 5 chips.
  2. Let each player (or team) throw the dice and move the number of spaces indicated. The player then must follow the directions given on that space.
  3. If a player decides to take a chance rather than accept a consequence, the player to his/her left or teacher will take the top card in the chance pile and read the question. If the player answers correctly then he/she doesn't pay the penalty. Teams are encouraged to work together to come up with answers. Teacher may set time limits.
  4. To enter home and win the game, you must throw the exact number of spaces to get home and have at least 10 chips. If you do not spin the exact number, you must move backward one space and follow the directions written there.
  5. If you don't have at least 10 chips left after your trip on the stream, you can continue to play by buying a CHANCE card for 1 chip and answering the question on that card. The card will specify how many chips you get for answering the question. You can only buy one CHANCE card per turn. If the player or team answers incorrectly the first player to raise their hand and answer correctly gets the chips.