Make a Bison

K - 2 Activity - Teacher Directions


Students create a picture of a bison using coffee grounds.


Bison is the correct term for this animal that was hunted by Native Americans. The animal resembles another animal found in Europe and called a buffalo. Early English settlers mistakenly called the Bison a buffalo. They have brown pelts and shaggy hair that sometimes covers its horns. It also has a shaggy "beard." There is a hump over the shoulders. The bison has four stomachs or compartments to help digest its food!


Light blue construction paper or cardstock
Ground coffee (inexpensive brand)
Outline of bison
Crayons and markers
Various shades of brown yarn cut into half inch pieces, one handful for each child

  1. Trace or copy the bison outline on to light blue construction paper or cardstock.
  2. Have students fill in the outline with glue, and then sprinkle ground coffee within the space with a spoon. The eye space and horns should be left empty.
  3. Color the horns and eye space with crayons or markers. Optional, glue a craft "wiggly eye" instead of coloring.
  4. Glue various pieces of brown yarn pieces to head and chin for the shaggy hair.
  5. Have students draw the grass background of the Panhandle that the bison graze on.
  6. The ground coffee adds an interesting texture and smell for the picture.
Additional Activities

Create a bison "herd" on a wall or bulletin board with student created bison pictures, have students help you!