The Great Texas Birding Classic

birdingkids.jpgThe Rites of Spring

Each spring a competition is held in Texas to determine which team can identify and count the most birds in a weeklong event. Birding teams from all over the country flock to several birding hot spots all over Texas to participate in the Great Texas Birding Classic. The Youth category is for kids 13 and younger while the Teen category is for 14 – 18 year olds.  Youth teams are made up of 3 - 5 birders and must choose a category in which to compete. Prizes are awarded to the winning teams.

Here's what you need to start preparing to compete:

  • birding.jpg binoculars (unless they are landing right in front of you, binoculars help you see the birds)
  • field guide to birds (because you will need to look some of them up)
  • small notepad or journal (you will want to keep a list, since that's what the contest is all about)
  • a hat ( if you are lucky it will be sunny and 8 hours is a long time to hang out in the sun without a hat - if you aren't lucky, the hat may help a little)

Happy birding!