Find a TAS Certified Field Site Near You!

TAS Certified Field Site logoMake the most of your Texas Aquatic Science (TAS) curriculum by partnering with your local aquatic science site.  Field experiences make learning come alive and give students an emotional event to which they can connect their learning.  Research shows this greatly enhances retention.

In the map below, find an aquatic science provider close to your community that offers TAS activities. Click on the blue marker to find the site and contact information, along with which TAS activity they provide. Sites may provide additional activities to those listed below.

  • Activity 1.9: Water Quality introduces students to a local creek or pond by using water chemistry testing.
  • Activity 3.3: Land Use in Our Watershed asks students to explore using a habitat assessment to examine where water flows, infiltrates, or accumulates and how land use influences the quality of water in their watershed.
  • Activity 8.5: Assessing Stream Health with Invertebrate Sampling has students conduct a field investigation to analyze and identify macroinvertebrates as bioindicators in a local body of water.
  • Activity 10.5: Field Trip to a Wetland includes a field trip to a local wetland to look at the unique characteristics of these aquatic ecosystems from soil, to plants, to wildlife species.
  • Activity 12.6: Field Trip to the Gulf of Mexico is a field trip to investigate saltwater ecosystems of bays, estuaries, and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Activity 13.5: Fish Sampling and Ecosystem Assessment helps students learn and practice fishing techniques while they examine multiple criteria for evaluating a local aquatic ecosystem. * To borrow TPWD fishing equipment, visit TPWD Angler Education Tackle Loaner Program

Contact them and schedule a visit!