Texas Waters: Exploring Water and Watersheds

With the Texas Waters curricCover of Texas Waters curriculumulum, we want to inform and educate the citizens of Texas about the most precious natural  resource Texas possesses, its water. Many challenges face our state concerning water, particularly in our aquatic habitats, the water for wildlife.  Texas Parks and Wildlife values the natural and cultural resources of Texas and we want there to always be drinkable, swimmable, and fishable waters in our great State. 

This curriculum will allow Texas Master Naturalists and other concerned citizens to earn a Texas Waters Specialist designation and then start giving back to their community by performing volunteer-service in areas like:

  • Water focused educational activities such as fairs, festivals, events, outreach,
  • Projects  such as habitat restoration, creek cleanups, water quality testing/monitoring, aquifer recharge/karst feature flagging and clearing, etc., or
  • Demonstrations like runoff models, runoff landscape features such as dry creek beds, rain gardens, etc.

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