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Watershed viewer
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Texas Watershed Viewer

Educators can use this Watershed Viewer to show that we ALL live in a watershed. Each tiny watershed contributes to a larger basin that flows into an entire river basin. Everyone lives downstream from someone else!

Available Workshops, Materials and Media

Texas Waters: Exploring Water and Watersheds

Aquatic WILD

Lesson Plans

Texas Coastal Wetlands Poster
Download the Texas Coastal Wetlands Poster

Loaner Trunks

Texas Aquatic Science Curriculum

Texas the State of Water Drought Survival

Downloadable Publications

Learn About Texas Freshwater Fishes Activity Guide (PDF)

Texas Treasures: Wetlands (PDF)

Children’s Books Corresponding by Chapter; An Annotated Bibliography (PDF)

West Texas Cienega Poster
Download the West Texas Cienega Poster

From Texas Junior Naturalists

Common Freshwater Organisms

Make Your Own Sampling Equipment

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