Dates and Deadlines

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Registration Deadline and Tournament Dates

Dec. 2023

Registration forms available and registration for event officially opens.

April 1

Registration deadline for participating teams. All fees and forms are due. Late registration fees begin on this date.

April 15 - May 15

Official Birding Classic tournament days. Teams choose which date to compete for their tournament category (or categories if participating on more than one team). Choose your participation day(s) on the fly! Plan your dates based on weather, personal schedules, work, school or when you think birds are most likely to be seen. You must email your team's specific tournament date(s) to the Birding Classic staff within 24-hours of that date.

All teams must fill out their registration form, pay their online registration fees, alert Birding Classic staff of their selected tournament date(s), and submit their checklist through eBird following the checklist submission guidelines to be in good standing for the event.

May 1

Conservation Grant Project Proposal submission deadline.


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