Registration Fees

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All Teams Register as Either Independent or Sponsored Teams

The Birding Classic is a cost-recovery event paid for through team registration fees and sponsor donations. Once event costs are covered all remaining funds will be used for nature tourism and avian habitat conservation and enhancement projects in Texas. Conservation grants awarded (number of grants and grant amounts) are determined based on registration fees (independent and sponsored) and corporate sponsorship dollars collected each year.

Independent Teams: Summer Tanager

Independent teams must pay their own independent team registration fees and travel expenses for all team members to enter their tournament category. Designated drivers and chaperones do not pay entry fees and must cover their own travel expenses. Independent teams may not carry an organization's or site's name. Only sponsored teams may promote an organization's or site's name.

Sponsored Teams:

Teams may secure sponsors or co-sponsors to offset the costs of the team by paying their sponsored team registration fee. Teams can work with their sponsor on additional travel expenses or can pay their own travel expenses. Sponsored teams can be named for their sponsoring organization or site and may promote their sponsor's/sponsors' name on clothing, car decals, or any other appropriate promotional materials. See Sponsorship Tips for ideas and tips on finding a team sponsor.

Registration Fees:


Tournament Category

Independent Team Fees *

(no team sponsor)


Sponsored Team Fees

Adult Regional Big Day, Adult Statewide Big Day, Adult Statewide Weeklong Tournaments (19 years old and older), or Texas Two-Stop Tournament (all ages) $50 per team member $1000 per team
Big Sit! (for first 20 members only - all additional members are free entry but receive no event t-shirt), Gliders (14-18 years old), Human-Powered, Outta-Sight Song Birder, State Park, or Sunrise to Noon Tournaments $30 per team member $500 per team
Roughwings Tournament (13 years old and younger) $20 per team member $250 per team

* No entry fees charged for chaperones or drivers not participating in the count for your team.

All registration fee payments (sponsored and independent teams) must be received online via a link included with the team’s registration form submission confirmation. Independent teams will be charged an additional $25 per person for late registration. Sponsored teams will be charged an additional $200 per team.