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Lake Nasworthy

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Lake Characteristics

Location: On the southwest side of San Angelo in Tom Green County
Surface area: 1,380 acres
Maximum depth: 29 feet
Impounded: 1930

Water Conditions

Current Lake Level
Conservation Pool Elevation: 1,871 ft. msl
Fluctuation: Nearly constant water level maintained by discharge from Twin Buttes Reservoir
Normal Clarity: Slightly stained

Reservoir Controlling Authority

San Angelo Parks & Recreation Department
702 S Chadbourne St
San Angelo, Texas 76903
(325) 277-8766

Aquatic Vegetation

Large areas of shoreline are lined with bulrushes and alligator weed. Star grass, sago pondweed, and coontail are also found in the reservoir.

Predominant Fish Species

Lake Records
Current Fishing Report
Stocking History
Latest Survey Report

Lake Maps

Maps may be available at sporting goods and tackle stores.

Fishing Regulations

This reservoir has special regulations on some fishes. See bag and size limits for this lake.

Angling Opportunities

Catfish and white bass fishing is good. Crappie and largemouth bass also provide good fishing most of the time. Several sunfish species provide fair fishing. Red drum are no longer stocked in the lake.

Species Poor Fair Good Excellent
Largemouth Bass     yes  
Catfish     yes  
Crappie     yes  
White Bass     yes  
Sunfish   yes    
Fishing Cover/Structure

Lake Nasworthy is an old shallow reservoir. There are a few areas of rip-rap and some rocks, but most of the structure is mud bank. The majority of the cover in the reservoir consists of bulrushes and alligator weed along the shoreline. TPWD has worked with local partners to install PVC fish habitat structures at selected sites within the lake.

Use the Habitat Structure Viewer for an interactive map of fish habitat structures and downloadable GPS coordinates.

Tips & Tactics

"Dabbling" is very effective for catching largemouth bass in the bulrushes. "Dabbling" is the technique of using a long stout fishing rod to gently lower and jig and trailer into the water around to the bulrushes. The angler then gently lifts and drops the bait a few inches. If a fish does not strike the bait, the angler then moves the bait over a few inches to a couple of feet and works the bait again. Crappie are caught using minnows and jigs around bridge and dock pilings. Catfishes are caught on live or prepared baits throughout the reservoir. Sunfish are caught with small baits in the alligator weeds along the rip rap. White bass are caught on live and artificial baits throughout the reservoir.