Swallow-tailed Kite in Texas - A Two-year Report

A Survey and Monitoring Project for 1998 and 1999

Compiled and written by Clifford E. Shackelford and Gael G. Simons

In cooperation with Joseph F. Hamrick, Raymond E. Brown, Dawn K. Carrie, N. Ross Carrie, and Don R. Dietz


A Swallow-tailed Kite.


This report reflects information sent in by the public. The information included herein involves only sightings of the Swallow-tailed Kite (Elanoides forficatus) for 1998 and 1999 in Texas, unless stated otherwise.

A total of 1,240 kite sightings were reported through this two-year project. In no way does this imply that 1,240 individuals exist in Texas. There is no feasible way to tag or mark these birds to identify them as individuals, so some individuals were undoubtedly seen and reported more than once. The purpose of this project is not to conduct a census of these birds. Instead, this is a project to:

  1. gain some basic information and knowledge in Texas on a declining United States species,
  2. give interested and concerned people a project to contribute their efforts towards,
  3. quantify and report sightings on this beautiful and graceful bird.

Additional Information:
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