We thank Georgia Partners In Flight, especially E. J. Williams, for their cooperation in a similar project they have in their state. Other states have since followed Georgia and Texas (i.e., Mississippi). Dr. Ken Meyer and Chuck Hunter also contributed information to make this project happen. Thanks to Shelly Scroggs and Craig Scofield, both with TPW, for an earlier version of the statewide GIS map.

A huge thanks goes to Gael Simons who put in a lot of time and effort from April 1998 until the compiling was completed in December 1999. She kept this project very organized and made numerous phone calls, e-mails, and mail-outs in addition to spending many hours glued to a computer as our chief database manager.

A Survey and Monitoring Project for 1998 and 1999, compiled and written by: Clifford E. Shackelford and Gael G. Simons. In cooperation with: Joseph F. Hamrick, Raymond E. Brown, Dawn K. Carrie, N. Ross Carrie, and Don R. Dietz.

Additional Information:
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