Frequently Asked Questions

Nongame Wildlife

I found a baby bird on the ground. What should I do?

Baby birds will often leave the nest (fledge) before they have all their feathers, and before they are strong flyers. If you find a baby bird out of its nest, watch it from a safe distance. Often, the mother has simply gone to fetch the chick a meal and will return soon (within 15 to 30 minutes). Raising a chick is very difficult, and in almost every case the chick has a better chance of survival with its mother in the wild than it does in the care of well-intentioned human rescuers. If you have watched the chick and determined that it is a true orphan or that it looks very sick, call a permitted wildlife rehabilitator in your area. It is not legal for anyone to possess a bird without a permit (exceptions are the possession of house sparrows, European starlings, or pigeons, which are not protected).

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