The Guide to
Austin-area Birding Sites

Good places to see birds in and around Austin

Austin Capitol and Birds Drawing

All too often urban settings are passed by or overlooked by nature enthusiasts in the pursuit of seemingly more wild or natural environments. Yet upon closer examination, it may be discovered that our cities, towns and subdivisions teem with an eclectic variety of wild flora and fauna. These organisms live practically under our noses yet are obscured by our perceptions of what nature really is and where it can be found. With a little knowledge of where to look, the keen observer will discover that the urban setting offers a wide range of opportunities to experience the natural world.

Austin-area Birding Sites

To remedy the misconception that cities and towns are wastelands of concrete and steel devoid of plants and animals, this guide to Austin-area Birding Sites seeks to introduce outdoor enthusiasts to a different sort of nature encounter, that within the city. This Guide provides a map and list of sites where birds may be observed in the city. Each site is located within a thirty mile radius of downtown Austin and includes city and state parks, greenbelts, waste water treatment facilities, nature preserves and the grounds of the State Capitol. In addition, it highlights sites such as the Travis Audubon Society Wildlife Sanctuary where the only bird species that nests solely in the Lone Star State, the endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler occurs. Designed to be user-friendly, this Guide directs birders to a variety of sites and habitats within the Austin area. With a little time, patience, and enthusiasm, both the more serious and the novice birders will be rewarded.

A checklist of Austin-area birds can be obtained from the Travis Audubon Society.

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