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Barracks with Group Hall and Kitchen

  • People per Site: 64
The Group Hall Main room of group hall Main room of Group Hall. Door to Conference Room. Inside Conference Room Inside Conference Room. Hallway inside Group Hall. Kitchen stove and sink. Kitchen refrigerator, microwave and stove. Parking. Paved trails from group hall Outside the dorms Outside the dorms. Outside Dorm 1.  Outside Dorm 1. Dorm 1 screened porch. Accessible parking and paths to the dorms. Inside Dorm 1 screened porch. Inside Dorm 1 screened porch. Dorm room with double bed Room with double bed Hallway of a dorm Room with five sets of twin bunks Room with five sets of twin bunks Room with five sets of twin bunks Sink outside bathroom area Sink outside bathroom area Dorm hallway Dorm bathroom sink and shower Dorm shower Dorm bathroom shower Dorm bathroom bench Dorm bathroom second sink Wheelchair accessible bathroom toilet. Outside Dorm 2 Entry access to Dorm 2. Dorm 2 screened porch.   Dorm 2 screened porch Dorm 3, all dorms have ADA access.  Dorm 3 screened porch.   Dorm 3 screened porch. Dorm 3 screened porch.

Tax is charged and a $250 credit card cleaning deposit must be paid at the park prior to check-in. Reservations for a Friday or Saturday must include both nights; holiday weekends must also include the holiday. Tents are allowed behind the group barracks complex, but do not add to the maximum occupancy of 64.This facility has a total of 4 Dorms and a Dining Hall. Each dorm has three rooms with one double bed in each, and one room with five sets of twin bunks (13 beds total including mattresses, that can accommodate up to 16 people per dorm). No linens are provided so bring your own. Each dorm has a restroom with shower. All buildings are heated and air conditioned. The Dining Hall that comes with this site is not The Refectory. Dining Hall has a full commercial kitchen with stove/oven, refrigerator/freezer and microwave. No eating and cooking utensils are provided; bring your own. It has one large banquet room and one smaller attached room. Both have full audio/video capabilities. The group camp has picnic tables, fire ring and water. Entrance fees must be paid at park upon check-in.

  • Ceiling fan
  • Restrooms nearby
  • Kitchen sink
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove with oven
  • Table and chairs
  • A/C & heat
  • 4 Dorms
  • Each Dorm has 13 beds (3 doubles + 10 twin bunks)
  • Tents allowed



Plus daily
entrance fee


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