Cooper Lake State Park

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Sunset view from a fishing pierThe park sits where the Tallgrass Prairies and Post Oak Savannah ecosystems meet. The rolling hills of Cooper Lake State Park, from the steeper hills of the South Sulphur Unit to the more gradual slopes of the Doctor's Creek Unit, offer spectacular views of Cooper Lake.

Ranching and other human activities changed the plant life here, and led to soil erosion. However, some original plant communities remain and others have recovered.

Plants that grow in the park include post oak, winged elm, bois d’arc, Texas honey locust, mesquite, eastern red cedar, toothache tree, eastern persimmon, Mexican wild plum and hickory.

Lots of animals roam here, also. You might see gray fox, bobcat, opossum, beaver, raccoon, white-tailed deer, nine-banded armadillo and eastern cottontail.

And then there’s the fishing. Anglers may catch blue and channel catfish, bluegill, Florida largemouth bass, crappie and hybrid striped bass.

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