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Primitive Campsites (Hike-in)

  • People per Site: 4
  • Number of Sites: 2
Site A. Site A Site A. Site A Site A Site B Site B Site B Site 4 Site B

These sites (A and B) are only accessible by hike or bike. From the River Gate Parking Area, Campsite A is about 2 miles and site B is about 1.5 miles. We suggest you hike to the sites from the River Gate Parking Area as the trail is difficult to bike. These sites can also be accessed by hiking or biking about 4 miles, from the Trailhead Parking Area, adjacent to Campsite #7. WAG bags preferred for removal of human waste; cat holes are not allowed. There is little to no usable top soil available at or near the sites.

  • No Restrooms
  • No water or electricity
  • Limited shade
  • Ground fires strictly prohibited
  • No motorized vehicle access




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