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Plants & Animals

Trees such as mountain laurel, Ashe juniper, mesquite and live oak abound, as well as Mexican buckeye, Lindheimer’s silk-tassel and escarpment black cherry. Steep slopes provide scenic overlooks of the surrounding Bexar County and glimpses of San Antonio. Rare birds such as the golden-cheeked warbler can be found.

Download the Birds of Government Canyon State Natural Area (PDF).


The natural area lies on the Balcones Escarpment, an area of deeply entrenched canyons that defines the eastern boundary of the Edwards Plateau. Approximately 88 percent of the natural area overlays the Edwards Aquifer recharge zone. The remaining acreage overlies the transition zone for water recharge.

The Natural Area is home to the only known dinosaur footprints on public land in Bexar County. The 110-million-year-old tracks are believed to have been left by Acrocanthosaurus and Sauroposeidon dinosaurs. Read about the collaboration between Texas Parks & Wildlife and the Witte Museum to showcase these tracks in our news release, Unique Collaboration Reveals Dinosaurs Once Roamed San Antonio

Government Canyon State Natural Area is a highly sensitive ecosystem that needs your help to remain pristine. To reduce the human impact on the natural area please follow the Leave No Trace principles of outdoor ethics. Government Canyon State Natural Area is an official Leave No Trace partner.