Lake Corpus Christi State Park

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Accessibility Information

The Wheelchair Accessible Fishing Pier at Lake Corpus Christi State Park.The 400-foot long lighted fishing pier with side railing and the nearby restrooms are wheelchair accessible. Access them via a cement route from the parking area.

The Pavilion in the Mesquite Camping Area and the attached restrooms have a wheelchair accessible cement route from the parking area. The Mesquite Camping Area Bathhouse is ADA accessible, with a wheelchair accessible cement route in and out.

Cabins #13 and 25, and Screened Shelters #6, 7 and 18, have wheelchair accessible routes from the parking area. The ramps are surfaced with hard-packed caliche.

The park has an all-terrain wheelchair that can access the shoreline, trails and the 400-foot ADA Fishing Pier (made possible through a generous grant from the Austin Blake Howell Foundation). The wheelchair is loaned out to visitors free of charge from the park office.

Conditions can change quickly. Contact the park for more information and to ask about the status of particular accessible features. 

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