Lockhart State Park

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Golf Course

Fees and rules for golfing at Lockhart State Park's nine-hole golf course.

Golfers standing on course watching another golfer putt.

    The park operates the nine-hole golf course. 

    Green Fees

    • Weekday green fee: $10
    • Yearly green fee: $250


    Golf carts

    Golf carts are available on a first-come, first-served basis at the park office. You can also borrow pull carts at no charge.

    • 9 holes: $11
    • 18 holes: $16
    • Daily trail fee for private golf carts: $3
    • Yearly trail fee for private golf carts: $50

    Golf clubs

    • Golf club rentals: $7

    Golf Course Rules

    Violation of rules may result in you being removed from the course.

    • Course hours are 8:15 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    • Tee times are every 15 minutes. Nine-hole-only tee times start at 3:15 p.m..
    • Last cart rental and last tee time is 4 pm.
    • All players must have a tee time and check in at the office 15 minutes prior to that tee time. Failure to check in on time may result in loss of tee time.
    • A max of four people per tee time.
    • Single players and twosomes may be paired up on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
    • Players making the turn have right of way.
    • You must begin play on hole one and play the course in order.
    • Expected pace of play is two hours for nine holes, 4.5 hours for 18 holes.
    • Players are expected to keep pace (13 minutes or less per hole is the standard).
    • Under ideal conditions, golf carts are permitted to use 90-degree crossover rule. Otherwise, all carts must remain on cart path. Check with office for current conditions.
    • Appropriate dress attire is required.
    • Each golfer must have a set of clubs and golf bag.
    • Players must fix divots on greens.
    • All practice must be done on the practice green. Practice on any hole is not allowed.
    • Must be 18 or older to rent or drive carts.
    • Only two people per cart. Riders must remain seated. No hanging off carts allowed.
    • Keep carts 50 feet away from greens.
    • Pick up your trash. This includes cigarette butts, cigars, and broken tees.
    • No glass or alcohol allowed on course.