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wildflower illustrationA natural gathering place in the heart of Central Texas.

Welcome to Mother Neff State Park, heart of the Texas state park movement. Climb the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built rock tower and peer over forests of oak and juniper. Walk through Washita prairie grasslands and enjoy the remarkable diversity of plants and wildlife in this small park.

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All trails are hiking only. This list may not include all the trails in the park. 

The lower portion of the park is closed due to flood damage until further notice.

Trail Distance Difficulty Description
Prairie Loop 0.6 mi. Easy Enjoy this family-friendly walk as you wander through Washita prairies. These grasslands are undergoing restoration to return native grasses and wildflowers. Look for Texas songbirds and pollinators along this trail.
Pond Trail 0.6 mi. Easy Take a walk to the prairie pond and spend some time in the wildlife viewing blind. You never know what you may see if you sit awhile.
Tower Trail 0.6 mi. Moderate This trail leads you to the Civilian Conservation Corps rock tower. Climb the spiral stone staircase and enjoy the views from up top! Continue down the trail to a CCC-built picnic table and climb the CCC-carved stone steps leading you to Park Road 14. Exercise caution when conditions are wet.
Cave Trail 0.2 mi. Moderate Travel down this trail to see a rock shelter inhabited by the Tonkawa over 200 years ago.
Wash Pond Trail 0.5 mi. Moderate Visit the Wash Pond, a natural basin expanded by the CCC. Take a moment to relax near these clear waters and look for wildlife coming to enjoy this spring-fed retreat.
Bluff Trail 0.4 mi. Moderate This trail winds along the limestone bluffs and through forests of oak and Ashe juniper. Listen for the song of the endangered golden-cheeked warbler, which uses strips of bark from the Ashe juniper to make its nest.
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Points of Interest

GPS coordinates shown in decimal degrees.

Point Latitude Longitude Description
Prairie Pond 31.3315° -97.4658° Walk through Washita prairie to the pond and view wildlife from the bird blind.
CCC Rock Tower 31.3213° -97.4695° Take the curved stone staircase to the top and enjoy the stunning view.
CCC Table 31.3222° -97.4705° Local resources inspired many of the CCC designs. This stone picnic table blends into the surrounding landscape.
Tonkawa Cave 31.3229° -97.4718° Imagine what life was like for the Tonkawa people who lived in this rock shelter over 200 years ago.
Wash Pond 31.3254° -97.4714° Rest awhile beside this peaceful basin. CCC workers expanded the natural dam to enlarge the pond.
Historic Bell 31.3272° -97.4667° The CCC used this bell to call workers for dinner and meetings, and to warn them of storms.
List of points of interest

Staying Safe

  • Know your limits. Prepare for sun and heat. Wear sunscreen, insect repellent and appropriate clothing/hiking shoes.
  • Drink plenty of water. Your body quickly loses fluids when you’re on the trail. Bring a quart of water per hour of activity.
  • Tell others where you’ll be. If possible, avoid exploring alone. Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return.
  • Wear a helmet. Biking is only permitted on park roads. Always wear a helmet and watch for traffic.
  • Potentially harmful plants and animals live here. You’ll see them more easily if you stay on the trails.
  • Weather changes quickly. Check forecasts before you leave and prepare for changes in the weather.

Trail Etiquette

  • Trash your trash. Keep the park natural. Pack out all of your trash, including dog poo bags, and Leave No Trace.
  • Leave feeding to nature. Feeding wild animals will make them sick and more likely to harm people.
  • Don’t Pocket the Past. Help preserve Texas heritage. Leave artifacts where you find them and report their location to a ranger.
  • Take only memories and pictures. Disturbing or removing any of the park’s plants, animals or artifacts is a violation of state law.
  • Keep pets on leashes for their safety, and to protect wildlife.
  • Campfires are permitted only in designated rings due to potential for ground scarring and wildfires.