Palmetto State Park

Accessibility Information

Park headquarters has designated ADA parking and a ramp to the entrance. This is a historic building, so doorways and walkways are not ADA compliant.

The restrooms in the water/ electric campground are ADA compliant. These restrooms have designated parking, a large stall with handrails, and ADA showers. The restroom in the water only campground has an ADA parking space, but no other accessibility features.

Several trails in the park are wheelchair or stroller friendly including the Oxbow Lake Trail, Palmetto Interpretive Trail, and the Mesquite Flat Trail.

The Group Pavilion (Refectory) has ramps at the entrance to the building and to the covered picnic area. There is a rough path leading from the parking lot to the building. The interior of the building has a tiled floor and there is a ramp to the serving room. The restrooms have a larger stall but are very old and don’t meet modern accessibility standards. This restroom is only open to those with reservations for the Group Pavilion. The Group Pavilion is a historic CCC building. Doorways, walkways, ramps, and restrooms may not be ADA compliant. Contact the park for specific details.

A view of the pavilion showing two entrance ramps.

Cabin 1 is wheelchair friendly with a ramp at the entrance, however the door is too narrow for ADA compliance. The interior of the cabin has two bunk beds, a regular bed and countertop with a microwave and mini fridge. The cabin does not have a restroom, but there is one nearby (about 100+ yards away).

View of the front of the Cabin showing the entrance ramp.

The fishing pier is wheelchair accessible, but access to the pier is challenging. You must go down an uneven trail with a steep grade to get to the pier. Erosion has also caused breaks in the paved path that would not be navigable by most wheelchairs.

Virtually visit the park by exploring our 360° photos. For more information about trails and the park’s points of interest, visit the trails information page.

Conditions can change quickly. Contact the park for more information and to ask about the status of particular accessible features. 

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