Possum Kingdom State Park


Large cliff overhanging blue water of lake.This park is lo­ca­ted in the rugged can­yon coun­try of the Palo Pinto Mountains and Brazos River Valley. It is ad­ja­cent to Possum Kingdom Lake, with 20,000 acres of clear, blue water.

Numerous white-tailed deer live in the park.

The Possum Kingdom Longhorns are on sabbatical. They are roaming the rolling plains and woodlands of San Angelo State Park while we restore their home range.


Yellow flowers along the lakeshore.Wildfires swept across Texas in 2011, burning more than three million acres. The Possum Kingdom Complex fires burned over 100,000 acres, more than 100 homes, and about 90 percent of Possum Kingdom State Park.

The fires were devastating, but the park is recovering. One good outcome:  Fire burned the invasive cedars, allowing other species to flourish.