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Wade Fishing Gear - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Wade Fishing Gear You really don’t need a lot of fancy gear to go wade fishing, but it helps if you’ve got the right stuff. Get the lowdown on what you need for successful wading.

Avoid these Common Deer Season Hunting Violations

An overview of common violations that Texas Game Wardens encounter in deer season, from improperly tagged deer to no hunter education certification. For more information on hunting in Texas, including regulations and public hunting opportunities, visit

How to butcher a venison leg quarter

A demonstration of how to butcher a venison rear leg quarter, how to remove the femur bone and separate the bottom round, the eye round and the top round roasts. To find out more about hunting in Texas, including wild game recipes, visit

Bird Hunting Forecast 2016

It’s a season of plenty for upland bird hunters this year thanks to a lot of rain and a mild summer. Hunting in Texas is big business bringing more than three-billion dollars to the state’s economy. And Texas Parks and Wildlife biologists say this year should be one of the best for bird hunters. A new app is now available that allows hunters to carry the Outdoor Annual with them on their mobile devices. You can download at Texas Parks and Wildlife reminds hunters they need game bird conservation stamps to hunt dove, waterfowl, turkey and quail and to check the local regulations where they will be hunting.

Search for Bugs and Butterflies during Texas Pollinator BioBlitz

The Texas Pollinator BioBlitz is a statewide effort to observe and identify as many pollinators as possible from October 7-16, 2016. Anyone can participate in this virtual treasure hunt for pollinators such as bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, birds and other animals and post about them on Instagram or iNaturalist. For details, visit #SaveThePollinators

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