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Aaron Martens vs Invasive Species - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Pro anlger Aaron Martens talks about the importance of cleaning, draining and drying your boat to help stop the spread of invasive species.

Benefits of Flooding

Ecologically, floods benefit a functioning river system. This is a Passport to Texas video:

Island Erosion, A Shrinking Sundown

A Shrinking Sundown One of the most important rookery islands on the Texas coast is in trouble. Chester Island in Matagorda Bay is slowly shrinking, as the shoreline is eroding at an alarming rate. But now efforts are underway to save the island, and help the thousands of birds that nest there.

Texas State Parks Evolving for Growing State

The Texas State Parks system is about to turn 100 years old. Since its inception, the population of Texas has exploded and is now concentrated in urban areas. To meet these challenges, park leadership has launched a Centennial Plan. It address everything from building partnerships to getting more people outside. Much of this plan will rely on dedicated funding passed by the 84th Texas Legislature that allows 94 percent of the state sales tax revenue from sporting goods to go toward state park improvements. To learn more, visit

TPWD Green Business Leader - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks and Wildlife is the first state agency to reach "Platinum" status in the City of Austin's Green Business Leader Program.

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