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PBS SHOW - Bears Go Home, Animals on Camera, Mountain Trail-Builder - #3026

Program 3026, Air Dates April 3-9, 2022 & October 2-8, 2022 Bears Go Home, Animals on Camera, Mountain Trail-Builder Bears Go Home A mother black bear is killed in Del Rio, making an orphan of her cub, while a second bear is rescued from other perils. Both bears are rehabilitated at a wildlife rescue facility in New Mexico and returned to Texas in a much safer spot to roam—Devils River State Natural Area. Watching for Wildlife Monitoring wildlife is important to maintaining the health of an ecosystem. At Ray Roberts Lake State Park, Daniel Rios uses trail cameras to keep an eye on the park and the animals that live there. These cameras offer an amazing view of the wildlife and their habitats, as long as rangers can keep the raccoons from stealing them. Acres of Access There are now over a million acres of public hunting lands in Texas. Take a look at one of the state’s newest wildlife management areas, where licensed hunters can access land for a dove hunting experience. The Trailblazer We meet a trail building legend in El Paso. The Franklin Mountain range is the largest sustained mountain range in Texas, and it has some of the best mountain biking trails in the state. We’ll meet the man that has built many of those trails, and he’s doing it at the spry age of seventy-nine. Postcard From Texas Hike the South Rim Trail of Big Bend National Park with some friends and enjoy some of the grandest vistas anywhere.

PBS SHOW - Operation Snap, Cave People & Desert Dunes - #3025

Program 3025, Air Dates March 27-April 2, 2022 & Sept. 25-Oct. 1, 2022 Operation Snap, Cave People & Desert Dunes Operation Snap Alligator snapping turtles, protected in Texas, are saved from out-of-state poachers. After being rehabilitated and prepared for scientific study, these trafficked turtles are returned to their natural habitats in Texas waters. Monahans Sandhills State Park At the unique landscape of Monahans Sandhills State Park, a sea of sand awaits, offering camping and recreation, hosting some interesting plant and animal life, and hiding a human history in what was at times both a barrier and a refuge. Cave People Who knows what darkness lurks deep in the heart of Texas? Cavers know! There are thousands of known caves in Texas and more yet to be discovered. Join some modern-day cave explorers as they duck, climb, crawl, and squeeze their way through the dark and mysterious world that exists beneath our feet. Postcard From Texas Take a flight over the woods and waters of Huntsville State Park.

PBS SHOW - Nature Photographer Memories, Cooper Lake, On-Call Team - #3024

Program 3024, Air Dates March 20-26, 2022 & September 18-24, 2022 Nature Photographer Memories, Cooper Lake, On-Call Team Greg Lasley: Seeing His World Greg Lasley was a lieutenant in the Austin Police Department. But Greg would also joke that he led a secret life, travelling the world, photographing nature and all its creatures. When Greg died after a long illness, the Internet lit up with tributes. He gave so that the rest of us could see his world. Cooper Lake Since first opening in the 1990s, Cooper Lake State Park has become an outdoor recreation hotspot in Northeast Texas. Fishing, hiking, swimming and camping are just a few things to do in and around the 20,000 acre lake. Parks and Wildlife People: The Call Center Team When the Covid-19 pandemic and weather events impacted Texas State Parks, the customer service call center kept phone lines open so that visitors could continue to get help and get their questions answered during tumultuous times. The Devils Advocates Landowners, conservationists, and visitors alike have a love affair with the Devils River. This remote river valley is about as wild as Texas gets. But there are threats to this natural place, and that has the river’s passionate admirers concerned. Postcard From Texas Crystal-clear water flows through riffles and rapids of the Devils River and takes a picturesque plunge over Dolan Falls.

PBS SHOW - Hueco Tanks, Coastal Conflicts, Outdoor Accessibility - #3023

Program 3023, Air Dates March 13-19, 2022 & September 11-17, 2022 Hueco Tanks, Coastal Conflicts, Outdoor Accessibility Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site On the edge of El Paso is a desert destination people have been visiting for thousands of years. The beauty of this West Texas oasis is on full display at Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site, where stories are told through hundreds of Native American pictographs. Parks and Wildlife People: Sandy Heath Making the outdoors more accessible for everyone is Sandy Heath’s mission. As the first Americans with Disabilities Act coordinator for Texas Parks and Wildlife, she has cleared the path for people with disabilities to get out and enjoy the outdoors. Coastal Conflicts Texas leads in the country in wind energy production, and with this new energy source there are new questions. How will wind farms affect the birds that live and migrate through our state? Head to the coast to see how wind farms use radar technology to spot migrating birds coming their way. Wild Things: Rat Snake Check out a snake that often gets a bad rap. Herpetologist, Andy Gluesenkamp, introduces you to the Texas Rat Snake. Turkey Work On a ranch in South Texas, biologists are tapping the latest technology, and fitting turkey with tiny backpacks, to learn where the turkey lurk. With this data, scientists are gaining a better understanding of the habitat needs of Rio Grande turkey populations. See how these findings may benefit turkey and all who enjoy them. Postcard From Texas Go with the flow and enjoy the soothing sights and sounds of South Llano River State Park.

PBS SHOW - Timeless Trail, Happy Multitasker & Wind Power Questions - #3022

Program 3022, Air Dates March 6-12, 2022 & September 4-10, 2022 Timeless Trail, Happy Multitasker & Wind Power Questions Tracing a Timeless Trail New awareness is being brought to a centuries-old pathway, the Camino Real de los Tejas. Meet a man on a mission to highlight its history, and the places and cultures it connects, as we trace a National Historic Trail through Texas. Parks and Wildlife People: Kate Lype Kate Lype’s coworkers call her the “happy octopus” because she handles all different types of administrative tasks that keep her team running smoothly. Big Wind, Big Questions Texas leads in the country in wind energy production, and with this new energy source there are new questions. What will wind farms do to the already fragmented habitat here in Texas? We look at the Panhandle wind farms and their effects on the threatened lesser prairie chicken. Postcard From Texas Visitors to the Davis Mountains of far West Texas are rewarded with boundless vistas in all directions.

PBS SHOW - Nomadic Photographer, Water Critters & Lockhart State Park - #3021

Program 3021, Air Dates February 27-March 5, 2022 & August 28-September 3, 2022 Nomadic Photographer, Water Critters & Lockhart State Park Capturing Life in a Teardrop Meet a traveling photographer at home on the road, chasing her dream to the most awe-inspiring places a teardrop trailer camper can be towed. Grubh’s Bugs Meet a biologist that studies aquatic invertebrates. He’s Dr. Archis Grubh, and he loves bugs. Check out some of the two-thousand different types of aquatic invertebrates living in the rivers, streams, and creeks of Texas. Lockhart State Park Thirty minutes south of Austin, the Central Texas town of Lockhart may be best known as a destination for bar-b-que lovers. But Lockhart is also home to a small state park, popular with campers, picnickers, and even golfers. Postcard From Texas Watch a hungry rabbit hit a prairie salad bar for breakfast.

PBS SHOW - First Quail Hunt, Preserving History & Paddlefish - #3020

Program 3020, Air Dates February 20-26, 2022 & August 21-27, 2022 First Quail Hunt, Preserving History & Paddlefish Stewarding the Future of Hunting An outdoor guide introduces Ashley Taylor, a first-time hunter, to the traditions of quail hunting in habitats around the state Parks and Wildlife People: Tim Roberts Tim Roberts wrote the book on Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site, literally. He spent two years writing a detailed account of the resources at Hueco Tanks, which led to its designation as a National Historic Landmark. Eisenhower State Park Eisenhower State Park is all about the water. Campsites sit high on bluffs overlooking Lake Texoma. Boaters flock to the park’s marina and ramps. Swimmers enjoy lake access by land and by boat. Even hikers eventually end up taking a cool dip in the refreshing waters that make this park special. Progress for Paddlefish When paddlefish were stocked in Caddo Lake in 2014, it was truly an experiment. No one could be certain the fish would survive or stay put, but years later it seems they have done both. A new hope for the progress of a very old fish. Postcard From Texas Take a flight over Espiritu Santo Bay, a short boat ride from Port O’Connor.

PBS SHOW - Prairie Wetlands, Arts in Parks & Better Boardwalk - #3019

Program 3019, Air Dates February 13-19, 2022 & August 14-20, 2022 Prairie Wetlands, Arts in Parks & Better Boardwalk Prairie Wetland Project A duck hunter supports waterfowl through prairie wetland habitat, with the help of Ducks Unlimited and other partners. Though coastal prairie wetlands are threatened by land use changes, these seasonal habitats help more than birds, offering other benefits such as rice production and stormwater retention. Arts in the Parks The beauty of a natural place takes on fresh dimension and draws some different crowds when arts activities like sculpture, painting and photography, are paired with parks. Back to the Boardwalk Hurricane Harvey wiped out one of the best birding boardwalks on the coast. It’s now back in business. Come enjoy the sights and sounds of this birding hot spot. Parks and Wildlife People: Erika Sosa As the social media specialist for Texas State Parks, Erika Sosa is driven to help all Texans make a lasting and positive connection with the outdoors. Cooper Lake Bike Trail Join a group of mountain bikers having some fun on the Coyote Run Trail at Cooper Lake State Park. Postcard From Texas Scenes from Fawcett Wildlife Management Area

PBS SHOW - Grassland Restoration, Conservation Team, Catching Carp - #3018

Program 3018, Air Dates February 6-12, 2022 & August 7-13, 2022 Grassland Restoration, Conservation Team & Catching Carp Grassland Restoration Incentive Program Jim Willis wanted more quail on his land, but he learned that restoring native grasses was key to wildlife populations, water, and soil health. Today the Grassland Restoration Incentive Program helps landowners improve grassland habitat. Parks and Wildlife People: R3 Team There is a national movement afoot to increase the number of people who go out hunting and fishing every year. It's important to keep people connected to nature, but license purchases are also critical to funding conservation projects across the country. The International Pursuit The once-maligned common carp has emerged as a sought-after sport fish, and anglers are coming to Texas from around the world just to catch them. Tag along as we hit some Texas carp hotspots, Lady Bird Lake in Austin, and Lake Fork near Dallas, and meet some folks who pursue these internationally popular fish. Fishing Tip Learn how to maintain your reel and replace old line for better fishing success. Postcard From Texas: Waving Grasses Amber waves of native grass whisper in a gentle breeze.

PBS SHOW - Outdoor Magazine of Texas, Lake Tawakoni, Fishing Tips - #3017

Program 3017, Air Dates January 30-February 5, 2022 & July 31-August 6, 2022 Outdoor Magazine of Texas, Lake Tawakoni, Fishing Tips 80 Years In Print Texas’ premier outdoor magazine has seen some changes over the last 80 years. Meet the people who craft it each month and see what it takes to deliver the state’s great outdoors to mailboxes, newsstands, and smartphones everywhere. Lake Tawakoni State Park With 5 miles of shoreline, Lake Tawakoni State Park offers visitors access to fishing, boating, swimming, and camping--all within a short drive of Dallas. Fishing Tips Learn from an expert what to keep in your tacklebox when fishing in freshwater. Postcard From Texas: Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site Scenes from the desert oasis of Hueco Tanks State Park and Historic Site

PBS SHOW - Rio Grande Valley Reef, Hunting Refuge & West Texas Surfing - #3016

Program 3016, Air Dates January 23-29, 2022 & July 24-30, 2022 Rio Grande Valley Reef, Hunting Refuge & West Texas Surfing Rio Grande Valley Reef A group in the Rio Grande Valley helps fish habitat and the local economy by creating and sustaining the largest area of artificial reef on the Texas coast. Surfing the Sands of Monahans Sun, sand, and surfing are not just found at the beach. Visit Monahans Sandhills State Park near Midland-Odessa and surf, slide, or tumble down the dunes for some family fun. Refuge For Robin Bradbery the outdoors is what she calls her “happy place.” That’s no surprise, as many turn to nature for relaxation. But for Robin, it’s more than that--being outdoors helps her to escape the challenges of living with autism. Signs of the Times At state parks, iconic brown and yellow signs have told visitors where to go for years. And for decades they have all been made in the same shop at Bastrop State Park. The process is not as hands-on as it once was, but the Bastrop sign shop is still humming. Postcard From Texas: Paddling the Colorado River Join a group of paddlers enjoying the calm Colorado River, downstream of Austin.

PBS SHOW - Bikepacking Journey, Oyster-Farming Fan, Conservation Art - #3015

Program 3015, Air Dates January 16-22, 2022 & July 17-23, 2022 Bikepacking Journey, Oyster-Farming Fan, Conservation Art Terroir Sometimes the journey is as big as the destination, especially if you’re carrying everything you need while camping and traveling by bicycle. Off-road bicycling meets backpacking in this adventure travelogue, as a group tests their endurance and documents their trek through Big Bend Ranch State Park. Parks and Wildlife People Emma Clarkson charged forward with designing an oyster farming program for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Her goal is to help protect natural oyster reefs while helping cultivate a strong seafood culture in Texas. Russell Graves Photography Freelance photographer, and regular contributor to the Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine, Russell Graves, shares some of his thoughts about what it takes to create quality outdoor photos. The Art of Conservation Through the vanishing art of lithography, a Fort Worth artist captures a conserved habitat and its wildlife in living color, while proceeds from his prints help save wild places, like pristine Powderhorn Ranch. Postcard From Texas Dragonflies and damselflies are fun to watch, whether they are darting, dancing, or standing still.

PBS SHOW - The County Warden, 7 Oaks Ranch & Austin Warblers - #3014

Program 3014, Air Dates January 9-15, 2022 & July 10-16, 2022 The County Warden, 7 Oaks Ranch, Austin Warblers Warden of the County Follow a young Game Warden patrolling the sparsely-populated counties north of Abilene, and learn how he turned a tragedy from his youth into a career of helping others. Lone Star Land Steward: 7 Oaks Ranch Three sons take on the management of their family ranch after the passing of their father, sustaining their father’s legacy of land stewardship, continually learning, and educating others on land management practices. Training for the Worst The Helicopter Underwater Egress Training or HUET is part of NASA’s training for astronauts as well as the Coast Guard and other personnel involved in work over water. Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens have a search and rescue team that go through this potentially life-saving training. Austin’s Warblers In the heart of the Hill Country is the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, and here you can find the endangered golden-cheeked warbler. Join some biologists as they monitor these unique birds during their nesting season. Postcard From Texas A wait in the blind yields the colorful songbirds of Guadalupe River State Park

PBS SHOW - Oystering Life, Duck Ranch & River Keeper - #3013

Program 3013, Air dates January 2-8, 2022 & July 3-9, 2022 Oystering Life, Duck Ranch, Sea Rim Sights The Grind The business of oystering has changed a great deal over the last three decades. Meet an oysterman who has endured every hurricane, flood, and drought over that time, and see what is being done to make Texas’ bays and oyster fishery more resilient. Lone Star Land Steward: Shady W Ranch Visit a Brazos County ranch where management of grasslands and wetland habitat have exemplified land stewardship while rolling out the welcome mat for waterfowl. Parks and Wildlife People Sarah Robertson works to keep Texas rivers clean and flowing, which impacts all the living things that depend on the health of these ecosystems to survive. Growing Green Building materials, natural lighting, and solar panels make Austin’s central library a very green building. But the library’s greenest feature may be up on top. Its rooftop garden, landscaped with native plants, is a rest stop for library patrons and urban pollinators alike. Sounds of Sea Rim At the far southeast corner of Texas lies a unique coastal park that is not widely known. From coastal fishing, to crabbing and kayaking the marshland, the sights and sounds of Sea Rim State Park are worth a drive. Postcard From Texas The wetlands of the Shady W Ranch provide an up-close look at dozens and dozens of ducks.

PBS SHOW - Weevil Warfare, Getting Kids Outside & Chimney Creek Ranch - #3012

Program 3012, Air Dates: December 26, 2021-January 1, 2022 & June 26-July 2, 2022 Weevil Warfare, Helping City Kids Outside, Chimney Creek Ranch The Giants of Caddo Lake Biologists continue their battle against giant salvinia, an invasive aquatic plant that threatens Texas lakes and fisheries. To protect Caddo Lake from devastation, they are enlisting the help of local conservation groups and a horde of tiny insects. Willard, The Outdoor Educator Willard Franklin III is a fisherman and volunteer from Houston whose passion is sharing his love for the outdoors with urban kids. By taking children fishing, Willard hopes to give them the kinds of experiences and memories that could spark an interest in the outdoors later in life. Lone Star Land Steward: Chimney Creek Ranch Visit the century-old Chimney Creek Ranch in the Rolling Plains region of Texas and learn how landowners work to restore, protect and share the historic and cultural resources of the property in tribute to those who came before. Government Canyon State Natural Area Hit the trails at Government Canyon State Natural Area, with hiking, biking, and birding. And see what makes this 12,000 acre wild urban escape unique. Man Eats Dove A food blogger made national news when he ate a dove that slammed into his house and blogged about it. As the story circulated, it was reported the law was looking for him, and the dove-eating blogger wanted to make things right. Postcard From Texas Fly above San Felipe Creek and the Rio Grande at the golden hour before sunset.

PBS SHOW - San Angelo Trail-maker, Moore Ranch Heritage & Saving Swifts - #3011

Program 3011, Air Dates: December 19-25, 2021 & June 19-25, 2022 Musical Mountain Biker, Moore Ranch Heritage, Saving Swifts The Ballad of John Talley You could call him the trail troubadour. Meet a mechanic and mountain-biking musician who has been taming trails in San Angelo for decades and who considers the local state park a hidden treasure. Lone Star Land Steward: Moore Ranch See how a ranching couple in their 90s has kept their West Texas ranch going for the past 60 years, and sustained a ranching heritage dating to 1888. Swift Saviors From raising chicks to building nest boxes, meet a husband and wife team that has spent half a lifetime working to save the chimney swift. Postcard from Texas Some chilly birds search for food in the ice and snow and brighten up an extra-cold winter day.

PBS SHOW - Coastal Prairie Stewards, Fish Habitat Help & Biking Big Bend - # 3010

Program 3010, Air Dates: December 12-18, 2021 & June 12-18, 2022 Coastal Prairie Ranchers, Bridge Birds, Fish Habitat Help Lone Star Land Steward: Dunn O’Connor River Ranch Over 6 million acres of grassland once blanketed the Texas coast, but today less than 1% remains. The Dunn O'Connor River Ranch in Goliad County is one of the last tracts of coastal prairie left in Texas. Passed down through the family since 1836, the ranch balances cattle production with preservation of wildlife habitat. City of Swallows See some swallows soar, and find out why these home-building, cliff-dwelling birds like to construct their own bird cities under our bridges. Parks and Wildlife People Luis Padilla hosts outreach events all over Texas to connect new audiences to the history of the Buffalo Soldiers. Hands-On Habitat As reservoirs age, natural places for fish to find food and shelter can be lost. So crews in Northeast Texas are sinking some strange-looking structures and seeding native plants to improve things for fish and fishing. Biking Big Bend Ranch Carry plenty of water, spare tubes, and a first aid kit--mountain biking at Big Bend Ranch State Park is not for the faint of heart. The country is rugged and the trails can be challenging, but the opportunities are as boundless as the vistas. Postcard From Texas See some wildlife living the wild life on the urban edge of Austin.

PBS SHOW - Racing Down a River & Loggerhead Shrikes - #3009

Program 3009, Air Dates: December 5-11, 2021 & June 5-11, 2022 Texas Water Safari, Loggerhead Shrikes & Pretty Flowers Texas Water Safari, A Race to Remember The Texas Water Safari is the World’s Toughest Canoe Race, and 2015 was no exception. Historic flooding threatened to cancel the race, logjams made the San Marcos River extremely dangerous, but the race went on. We follow two teams to see if they can complete the 260 mile race from San Marcos to Seadrift. Settled In at Old Settlers The loggerhead shrike is a songbird with a raptor’s habits. They skewer their meals on barbed wire or thorns for easy eating. You may not expect that in the suburbs, but some shrikes have found a nice nesting place in a busy Round Rock, Texas park. Postcard From Texas Bright blooms carpet Texas roadsides with color and liven up long drives.

PBS SHOW - Spill Recovery, History Connection & Water for Wildlife - #3008

Program 3008, Air Dates: November 28-December 4, 2021 & May 29-June 4, 2022 Oil Spill Watchdogs, Buffalo Soldier Connection, Water for Wildlife Watchdogs for Wildlife When there’s an oil spill along the coast or pollution in a small county creek, the fish and wildlife that live there are often hit the hardest. Meet the team of biologists who are called when it is time to investigate the impacts. Buffalo Soldiers: Making the Connection An aspiring nature photographer joins a group of Buffalo Soldier re-enactors and discovers history's ultimate outdoorsmen. Good Guzzlers In a Wildlife Management Area far, far away, a group of dedicated conservationists put their skills to work, building special rainwater catchment systems known as “guzzlers.” These moisture-collecting guzzlers provide water for bighorn sheep, and any other animal looking for a drink in the desert. Biking Colorado Bend Load up the bikes and try out some of the mountain bike trails at Colorado Bend State Park. Postcard From Texas: Trinity River Take in the sunrise along the Trinity River from a different perspective.

PBS SHOW - Lost Lizards Return, Angler Access, & Map Mementos - #3007

Program 3007, Air Dates: November 21-27, 2021 & May 22-28, 2022 Horned Lizard Homecoming, Angler Access, Map Mementos Horned Lizard Homecoming The San Antonio Zoo breeds threatened Texas horned lizards with the hope of restoring them to landscapes that may once again support them. See some captive lizards take their first steps of freedom in this bold experiment. The Rivers Are Yours In an urbanizing state with limited public lands, accessing the outdoors can be a tough task. But a new program, in partnership with participating landowners, is helping paddlers and anglers access rivers like never before. The Art of Mapping Alex Ahrens loves to explore trails throughout Texas, but when he is not hiking, Alex enjoys woodworking. So he has found a way to combine his passions and bring his love of the outdoors into his woodshop—preserving the places he loves to hike as wooden map mementos. Weekday Camping Armed with a smartphone and a savvy for social media, one Austin urbanite’s outdoor experience might be a little different than his grandfather’s, but getting outside can still fit with a modern, urban lifestyle. Postcard from Texas: Cooper Lake Waves Along the tree-lined shore at Cooper Lake State Park, cool waves splash wildly in the heat of the day and gently lap and sparkle in the sunset.

PBS SHOW - San Pedro Ranch, Rainbow Trout, Quail of Texas - #3006

Program 3006, Air Dates: November 14-20, 2021 & May 15-21, 2022 Preserving San Pedro Ranch, Winter rainbow trout, Quail of Texas. Lone Star Land Steward Leopold Conservation Award In the southwestern borderlands of Texas, the San Pedro Ranch has a rich history and ranching tradition, kept alive since 1932 by the Fitzsimons and Howard families. Today this 23,000 acre ranch is managed for cattle and a diverse wildlife population, in balance with a habitat that can be both harsh and delicate. On the edge of the Chihuahuan Desert, drought is an expectation, so the San Pedro Ranch works to make the most of every raindrop. Waiting for Winter Trout The annual winter stocking of rainbow trout in the Guadalupe River is a much-anticipated event. Check out some of the best spots to go to catch these feisty freshwater fish. The State of Quail Texas has long been known for its robust quail populations, but habitat loss has impacted all four quail species in the state. Though their homes range from desert floodplain and brush land to prairie grasslands, these quail species need native habitat to thrive. Find out how researchers, non-profits, landowners and land managers are working together to keep quail numbers healthy statewide. Postcard from Texas Enjoy the soothing sounds of flowing water and the breeze in the cypress trees at Guadalupe River State Park.

PBS SHOW - Small Town Deer Dividends & Looking After Land - #3005

Program 3005, Air Dates: November 7-13, 2021 & May 8-14, 2022 Small Town Deer Dividends on Opening Day, Looking After Land Opening Day Hunting is not only a tradition in small towns across Texas, it is also an important part of the local economy. The people of Goldthwaite, Texas look forward to deer season as quality time with friends and family, and as a time when hunters spend vital dollars in the town’s stores, gas stations and restaurants. Travel to Goldthwaite for the opening weekend of deer season to see how this quiet community comes alive when the hunters arrive. Looking After the Land The story of the Pigfoot Ranch is not one of stark before and after, but rather of a long-time legacy of excellent land stewardship. Dating back to 1885, the Head Family has worked to preserve Pigfoot’s pristine native prairie savannas and its crystal-clear creeks. Postcard From Texas Like so much of the Central Texas Hill Country, Mills County is a great place to find white-tailed deer.

PBS SHOW - Bayou City, Bark in the Park & Smith Oaks Birds - #3004

Program 3004, Air Dates: October 31-November 6, 2021 & May 1-7, 2022 Bayou City Wilds, Furry Friend Hike, Smith Oaks Sanctuary. Bayou City Meet some of Houston’s most dedicated bayou conservationists, learn about issues the bayou ecosystem has faced over the past century, and see some hope for keeping an urban area and its watery wilderness in balance. Bark in the Park Take a hike with a dozen dogs through Franklin Mountains State Park and learn some tips for keeping your canine companion comfortable and safe on the trail. Martin Creek Lake Fall is a great time to head outdoors in East Texas. At Martin Creek Lake State Park the fall foliage draws campers, hikers, and anglers to this heavily wooded park on a 5000 acre lake. Postcard From Texas A rainy day doesn’t seem to bother the birds of Houston Audubon’s Smith Oaks Sanctuary.

PBS SHOW - Saving Starry Skies, Turkey Teamwork, Spooky Wildlife - #3003

Program 3003, Air Dates: October 24-30, 2021 & April 24-30, 2022 Saving Starry Skies, Turkey Teamwork, Spooky Wildlife The Night's Watch The Davis Mountains have some of the best views in the world for stargazing. Meet an astronomer working to keep away light pollution and protect the dark skies of West Texas. Lone Star Land Steward: Brushy Creek Co-op Meet some neighbors who team up for turkey work. The Brushy Creek Co-op in East Texas consists of over 10,000 acres that provide habitat for Eastern wild turkey, helping restore the birds in East Texas. The Inspired Artist From his youth as a migrant worker, a man cultivates his passion for nature into a career as an outdoor artist. Meet Clemente Guzman, whose personal story is as inspiring as his artwork. Copperhead Country A copperhead slithering around your backyard is just about the last thing you would want to run into. Well, imagine hundreds of copperheads spreading across your back forty. That’s exactly what’s happening to one Texas landowner. He used to eliminate them, but now he saves the snakes for science. Postcard From Texas See a few more creepy critters you might find on a walk in East Texas.

PBS SHOW - Shrimping Life, Brazos Bend, Capturing Spirits, Big-Eared Bats - #3002

Program 3002, Air Dates: October 17-23, 2021 & April 17-23, 2022 Shrimping Life, Brazos Bend, Capturing Spirits, Big-Eared Bats The Last of the Stringos Shrimping is and has always been a way of life for the Stringo family. Five generations of Stringos have shrimped the Gulf and Bays of Texas. But times are tough, and while most of the family has given up, there is one Stringo still on the water. Brazos Bend State Park Known as a nature-lover’s paradise, the diverse ecosystems of Brazos Bend State Park attract equally diverse people from the nearby metropolis of Houston. Learn about some of the things visitors enjoy doing at this popular state park. Preaching Taxidermy Meet a man in Utopia who helps save souls, when he isn’t helping save lasting mementos of hunting and fishing trips. Rafinesque’s Big-eared Bats Get an up-close look at a bat few folks ever get to see. Travel to east Texas and visit the Trinity River National Wildlife Refuge, to catch a glimpse of the rare Rafinesque's Big-eared Bat. Postcard From Texas Bobwhite Quail cool off and chow-down in a Panhandle cotton field.