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PBS SHOW - Finding Fortlandia, Caprocks Bison, Fort Parker, #2926

Program 2926, Air Dates April 4-10, 2021 & October 3-9, 2021 Finding Fortlandia, Caprocks Bison, Fort Parker Snake, Rattle & Roll Who doesn’t love a fort, fond memories of those carefree days as a kid? Well, we follow along as a bunch of first-time fort builders get together to build one from all recycled materials. This unique structure is part of the annual Fortlandia exhibit at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin Saving the Last of the Southern Plains Bison Caprock Canyons State Park holds the last remnants of pure Southern Plains Bison that exists in North America. Once numbering around 60 million, now there are around 300; the history of how they came to live at the state park, on their native historic land is a long one. Because of the hard work of a few individuals, these Bison live on. Fort Parker State Park Located along the Navasota River where the grasses of the Blackland Prairie meet the woodlands of the Post Oak Savannah, Fort Parker State Park offers a tranquil setting for camping, hiking, biking and fishing. There is a lot of history here, too. Located on what was once the town of Springfield, the park was built by the men of the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s. Postcard From Texas Chill out on a rainy day at Davis Mountains State Park.

PBS Preview - Birds and Birders - #2904​

Preview for the May 2-8 Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS television show, #2904. Find out where to watch:

PBS SHOW - Lake Mineral Wells Trailway, Field to Fork, Razing Cane, #2925

Program 2925, Air Dates March 28-April 3, 2021 & September 26-October 2, 2021 Lake Mineral Wells Trailway, Field to Fork, Razing Cane Lake Mineral Wells Trailway Where trains once traveled, hikers and bikers now reign, on a protected pathway connecting Weatherford and Mineral Wells. Field to Fork…With a Little Help How do you get started if you want to hunt for the protein you eat? The Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation’s Mentored Hunts is a great place to start. We follow Noah Rudino, a health and nutrition enthusiast, as he hunts for the first time for his food. Razing Cane Texas Rivers and stream are under attack. The invasive Giant Reed threatens pretty much every river system in the state, but biologists are fighting back. We focus on the pristine Pedernales River and see what it takes to knock back this towering cane invader. Skill Builders: Safe Zone of Fire When hunting in a group, each hunter has a safe zone of fire. Find out how to determine where that safe zone is, and why it’s so important. Postcard From Texas Surfs up at the Packery Channel near Corpus Christi.

PBS Preview - Wild Game Cooking Texas Style - #2903​

Preview for the April 25 - May 1 Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS television show, #2903. Find out where to watch:

PBS SHOW - Becoming a Warden, Bee Searcher, Franklins Flying, #2924

Program 2924, Air Dates March 21-27, 2021 & September 19-25, 2021 Becoming a Warden, Bee Searcher, Franklins Flying Becoming a Texas Game Warden Zach Stephenson's mom didn't know the first thing about hunting, until she enrolled her son in Texas Parks and Wildlife's Youth Hunting programs. Little did she know, Zach's hunting experiences would lead to the game warden cadet school and a career in the outdoors. The Bee Searcher A North Texas researcher investigates the health of our most productive native pollinators, and how we might simply help them bee. Flying the Franklins Take to the skies and fly with the birds at Franklin Mountains State Park. With the right wind and a perfect place to launch this state park is prime territory when it comes to Paragliding. The Cup Crusaders A father and son, armed with a video camera, fight city litter, and raise awareness about the impacts of urban trash on water, fish, and wildlife. Postcard From Texas Sunset on the beach at Padre Island National Seashore is worth the wait.

PBS Preview - Texas Hunting Traditions - #2902​

Preview for the April 18-24 Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS television show, #2902. Find out where to watch:

PBS SHOW - Birding Passion, Collegiate Climbers, Oyster Shell Return, #2923

Program 2923, Air Dates March 14-20, 2021 & September 12-18, 2021 Birding Passion, Collegiate Climbers, Oyster Shell Return A Passion for Birds How does someone go from shy introvert to a highly respected field-guide? Sheila Hargis says birding and the birding community transformed her life by channeling her enthusiasm for ornithology onto others. Collegiate Climbers People have been climbing rocks since rocks were invented, but college climbing teams are a new thing. Meets some of the students on the national champion University of Texas club climbing team and see what it takes to excel at this demanding sport. Educating the Educators Children growing up in increasingly urban areas need to understand to role that wildlife plays in our world, but not all teachers know enough to teach it. ProjectWILD is empowering teachers with the lessons and activities they need to educate the next generation of wildlife stewards. Back to the Bay A unique recycling program is underway, and it’s helping our bays. By returning old oyster shells up and down the coast, many Texas reefs are on the rebound. Postcard From Texas A flat and arid landscape near Lubbock comes to life when seasonal playa lakes fill with water.

PBS Preview - Fox Finders, Kraken Diving, Brushland Birds - #2901

Preview for the April 11-17 Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS television show, #2901. Find out where to watch:

PBS SHOW - Bastrop's Back, Gator Hunt, Alligator Chili Relleno, #2922

Program 2922, Air Dates March 7-13, 2021 & September 5-11, 2021 Bastrop’s Back, Gator Hunt, Alligator Chili Relleno Bastrop, Back to Its Roots The restoration of Bastrop State Park after it was devastated by fire has the park returning to its very roots. In the 1930’s, the Civilian Conservation Corps restored the forest and built the roads, trails and buildings that made up the park. Now a new crew is helping with restoration and erosion control, supplying the park with the kind of labor and energy that only a corps of young people can. Texas Tussle, A Gator Hunt It’s a hot muggy afternoon in an east Texas marsh, and it’s time to hunt for alligators. We tag along with some lucky hunters that get a chance of a lifetime to hunt alligators at J.D. Murphree Wildlife Management Area. Wild Game Cooking: Alligator Ancho Chili Relleno Austin chef Jeff Martinez cooks up some Texas alligator with a south of the border twist. Discover his Gator Ancho Chili Relleno recipe. Postcard From Texas Sunrise at the Texas City Dike brings out several coastal birds to enjoy the morning.

PBS SHOW - Natural Connection, Blanco River Restoration, Fish Habitat, #2921

Program 2921, Air Dates February 28-March 6, 2021 & August 29-September 4, 2021 Natural Connection, Blanco River Restoration, Fish Habitat A Natural Connection From the brush country of South Texas to the mountains of West Texas, two women have outdoor pursuits as different as the landscapes. These two mothers, one a hunter, and the other a hiker, meet and share their interests, growing a friendship and deepening their appreciation of the outdoors. Blanco River Restoration Massive floods in 2015 destroyed much of the natural habitat along the Blanco River. Texas Parks and Wildlife biologists have been working with landowners along the river to help re-establish trees and grasses, and by educating locals about the importance of managing healthy river ecosystems that are more resilient to the effects of flooding. Fishing for Habitat Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries staff and the Still Waters Bass Club placed 150 Christmas trees into Stamford Reservoir near Abilene to enhance angling opportunities on the lake. Bonham State Park Bonham State Park is small by Texas standards, but that’s what people like about it. It’s a great place to swim, hike, fish, and meet the neighbors. Postcard From Texas Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Devils River as it passes through the Devils River State Natural Area Del Norte Unit located in Val Verde County.

PBS SHOW - Devils With Dad, State Park Firefighters, Kangaroo Rats, #2920

Program 2920, Air Dates February 21-27, 2021 & August 22-28, 2021 Devils With Dad, State Park Firefighters, Kangaroo Rats Me, My Dad and the Devils A father and daughter take a paddling trip on the Devils River and make a movie about it. Well, she makes the movie and he does the paddling, but both have a great time. The Firefighters Now more than ever Texans realize the importance of skilled firefighters, as 2011 was one of the worst wildfire years on record. See what it takes to be on the frontlines as part of Parks and Wildlife’s Wildland Fire Team. Hop for the Future, Keeping the Texas Kangaroo Rat on the Map The range of a unique hopping rodent has dwindled to just a few areas near the Red River. Researchers are in a race to learn more about it before it disappears into the night. Postcard From Texas In the vast expanses of the Big Bend region of West Texas, feathery clouds float by rugged desert mountains in a day-long dance.

PBS SHOW - Desert Bighorn, Crappie Guys, Cooking Crappie, #2919

Program 2919, Air Dates February 14-20, 2021 & August 15-21, 2021 Desert Bighorn, Crappie Guys, Cooking Crappie Return of the Desert Bighorn Wildlife biologists in West Texas are returning Desert Bighorn Sheep to their historic habitat after being extirpated in the mid 1900s. Trapping and relocation techniques have changed over the years, but it’s still a lot of hard work for everyone involved. The Crappie Guys Meet Tommy Tidwell, a high school science teacher and part time crappie fishing guide. Tommy spends a lot of time helping anglers learn the finer points of crappie catching. Then there’s Mr. Crappie, Wally Marshall. Everything Wally does revolves around his favorite fish. Everything. Wild Game Cooking: Cooking Crappie Ok, so now you’ve got some crappie in the boat. It’s time to make ‘em into a tasty meal, frying style. Outdoor chef Tim Spice shows us how. Resaca de la Palma State Park With its 1,700 semi-tropical acres, Resaca de la Palma comprises the largest tract of native habitat in the World Birding Center network. Etched by the ancient curves of the Rio Grande River, this state park is a quiet birding retreat on the outskirts of the City of Brownsville. Postcard From Texas Hummingbirds feast at a feeder in suburban Austin.

PBS SHOW - Bat Noses, Mentored Hunt, Environmental Example, #2918

Program 2918, Air Dates February 7-13, 2021 & August 8-14, 2021 Bat Noses, Mentored Hunt, Environmental Example Watching for White Nose A deadly fungal disease killing millions of hibernating bats is spreading through North America, with Texas in its path. Learn what biologists and conservationists are doing to prevent the deadly White Nose Syndrome from affecting Texas bats. A Mentored Hunt Getting youth started in the heritage of hunting is great but what if you are an adult who’s interested in taking up the sport? Texas Parks and Wildlife now has “mentored hunts” to give grownups a taste of the outdoors from field to table. Remembering Dad Louis Stumberg was old-school; a hard worker, a no-nonsense businessman, and according to his sons, a great father. Mr. Stumberg was also a devoted environmentalist and rancher. How does a parent instill in their kids the commitment to protect and nurture their land? The Stumberg boys will show us with the examples set by their father. Postcard From Texas Listen to the waves and feel the breeze in the trees at Goose Island State Park.

PBS SHOW - Rookery Island, Fishing's Future Founder, Durable Design, #2917

Program 2917, Air Dates January 31-February 6, 2021 & August 1-7, 2021 Rookery Island, Fishing’s Future Founder, Durable Design Nurture the Nueces Several species of colonial water birds are on the decline in Texas and now work is underway to help them. In Nueces Bay, biologists are working to save eroding bird nesting islands. Fishing Hall of Fame: Shane Wilson Shane Wilson, of South Padre Island, is a retired public educator of 35 years and founder of the non-profit organization Fishing’s Future, which is devoted to strengthening family bonds through fishing. Fishing’s Future’s family fishing events have taken hundreds of thousands of Texans fishing in Texas alone and more than a million people fishing across their chapters reach. The Gulf Coast DesignLab Goes to Galveston Coastal state parks need durable, versatile structures, and design students need projects.  See what the Gulf Coast DesignLab at the University of Texas at Austin is building in parks along the coast. Postcard From Texas Balmorhea State Park is an unexpected desert oasis with its relaxing Cienega.

PBS SHOW - Bass Tracking, Lake Corpus Christi, Kemp's Ridley History, #2916

Program 2916, Air Dates January 24-30, 2021 & July 25-31, 2021 Bass Tracking, Lake Corpus Christi, Kemp’s Ridley History Tracking Bass on Toledo Bend Some fish biologists are tracking largemouth bass on Toledo Bend Reservoir and Lake Fork to determine if increased fishing pressure at these legendary lakes is changing fish behavior in ways that could make them more difficult for anglers to catch. Lake Corpus Christi State Park Families have been coming to this south Texas camping spot for generations. From lake activities to birding and hiking, Lake Corpus Christi has just what folks need for a great getaway. The Kemp’s Ridley Turtle, Saving a Species Human activity has taken the Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle to the brink of extinction. For the past 40 years, biologists from state and federal agencies have worked together with an army of volunteers to help preserve this rarest species of sea turtle.   Life’s Still Better Outside Coronavirus dangers kept many families trapped at home for work and school throughout 2020.  See how one family coped with the confinement by exploring the natural world right outside their door. Postcard From Texas Gusty Gulf winds sculpt the dunes and stir up the surf at Mustang Island State Park.

PBS SHOW - Seeing Nature, Dutch Oven Cooks, Moving Bees, #2915

Program 2915, Air Dates January 17-23, 2021 & July 18-24, 2021 Seeing Nature, Dutch Oven Cooks, Moving Bees Seeing Brighter Days Imagine living your life knowing one day you could lose your eyesight forever. That's the norm for Cole Johnson, but you wouldn't know it. He may be legally blind, but Cole doesn’t let his disability slow him down. Dutch Oven Devotees Members of the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society whip up some tasty dishes at Cleburne State Park. Moving Bees Moving day can be tough. Especially if your family numbers in the thousands. Watch a bee specialist relocate a hive of European honey bees, giving them a safe new home where they can keep on buzzing. Postcard From Texas Buzzards and blackbirds hit the hay in the treetops at Cleburne State Park.

PBS SHOW - Plains Playas, Bastrop State Park, Hang Ten, #2914

Program 2914, Air Dates January 10-16, 2021 & July 11-17, 2021 Plains Playas, Bastrop State Park, Hang Ten Playas for the Plains Many playa lakes of the Southern Plains have been plowed under cropland, silted over, or diverted into irrigation pits. But the value of these shallow lakes for groundwater recharge and wildlife habitat has landowners and conservation groups working together to restore playa lakes for the Plains and the future of its economy and biodiversity. Bastrop State Park For more than 70 years, folks have visited Bastrop State Park to enjoy its history and marvel at the Lost Pines. Forest fires and floods have ravaged the park in recent years. Now comes rebirth: new trees, new plants and new life. Come experience the park’s recovery from nature’s fury. The Business of Burning Prescribed fires by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are carefully planned events conducted by a specially trained and skilled crew. From the burn boss to the grunt and the engine to the drip torch, see what and who it takes to safely put on a prescribed fire. Texas Point Break Grab your surfboard and hang ten in Corpus Christi. We go surfing at a popular spot that locals call Texas Point Break. Postcard From Texas A gray fox frolics in the Springtime flowers near Austin.

PBS SHOW - Texas Freshwater Fishing, #2913

Program 2913, Air dates January 3-9, 2021 & July 4-10, 2021 Texas Freshwater Fishing Battle at the Fork Lake Fork is undisputedly the top largemouth bass lake in Texas. For the first time ever a professional bass fishing tournament was held on the lake in April 2007. Follow along with the tournament favorite and a young newcomer just trying to make the cut. If you think being a bass pro is the “dream job”, then you need to see what it’s like to literally fish for your supper. The Return of the Guadalupe Bass The official state fish, the Guadalupe Bass, has been restored to the South Llano River. Threatened by loss of habitat and hybridization with non-native, introduced Smallmouth Bass, the Guadalupe Bass was close to being wiped out. We’ll learn what happened and how biologists figured out how to restore the Texas native back to the South Llano River. Fishing for Cats Catfish are the largest freshwater sport fish in Texas and are second only to bass in popularity among anglers. They are also quite popular on the dinner table, but for many, the fun is in getting them there. Postcard From Texas Slow down and take it easy along the Llano River.

PBS SHOW - A Diversity of Outdoor Careers - #2912

Program 2912, Air Dates December 27, 2020-January 2, 2021 & June 27-July 3, 2021 A Diversity of Outdoor Careers An Angling Educator: Kiera Quam Aquatic Education Training Specialist Keira Quam uses her love of fly fishing to connect others with the outdoors. Through fishing education, Kiera is able to make tangible the outdoor experience for many people. Friend of the Toads: Paul Crump Fires in Bastrop County threatened the already endangered Houston Toad population. Thanks to the efforts of Paul Crump and others, a captive breeding program was established to help boost population numbers. Let’s Get Digital: Electronic On-site Registration Team Hunting on public land requires that hunters register at the site where they are hunting. Meet the Texas Parks and Wildlife team updating and digitizing that process!  It’s a Wild-ful Life: Danielle Rucks Administrative Assistants, like Danielle Rucks, serve a vital role in the operation of Texas Parks and Wildlife offices and facilities. Without the work they do, offices would cease to function. It's possible to imagine a world without Danielle, but would you want to? Conservation by All: Adriana Leiva Without diversity, Texas Parks and Wildlife would not be adequately equipped to face the challenges of the future. Folks like Adriana Leiva are doing whatever they can to ensure that our agency is made of every kind of Texan, from every walk of life. The Park Patrons: Local Parks Recreation Grants Team Often there are projects that are too big for a local park system to tackle on their own. That's where our Local Parks Recreation Grants Team comes in. They help ensure the right park receives the right funding and that the project is completed for everyone to enjoy.  Keep Texas Flowing: Tom Heger  Since so much of our land in Texas is privately owned, we have to work diligently with private land-owning citizens. Tom Heger and his team help landowners in Texas make smart choices for the rivers and streams running through their properties. This ensures clean water and healthy wildlife populations for all Texans.   Protecting Our Wild Heritage: Meredith Longoria Texas is home to many threatened and endangered species. Meredith Longoria works with Texas landowners to help take care of these special creatures. Postcard From Texas Relax among the wildflowers at LBJ State Park near Stonewall, Texas.

PBS SHOW - Wildlife in the Lone Star State - #2911

Program 2911, Air Dates December 20-26, 2020 & June 20-26, 2021 Wildlife in the Lone Star State The Butterfly Palace There’s a place in Houston that recreates a tropical rain forest, not for people, but for butterflies. At the Cockrell Butterfly Center, watch as crawling caterpillars turn into beautiful butterflies. The Legend of Old RIP What’s the real story behind Old RIP, Texas’ most famous toad? Travel to Eastland, Texas where the memory of Old RIP is kept alive and well and encased in glass. Prairie Dogs of Caprock Canyons The Bison that roam the prairies of Caprock Canyons State Park have some little friends. Check out the park’s prairie dog town and the furry animals that call it home. A Green Jay Survey As the Rio Grande Valley becomes more urbanized, habitat for wildlife is dwindling. To find out how Green Jays are adapting to the changing environment, biologists are trapping, tagging and tracking these colorful birds. Postcard From Texas Texas leaf cutting ants feed on a live oak tree at Lake Corpus Christi State Park.

PBS SHOW - Explore Texas State Parks & Historic Sites - #2910

Program 2910, Air Dates December 13-19, 2020 & June 13-19, 2021 Explore Texas State Parks & Historic Sites South Llano River State Park This Texas hill country park, near the town of Junction, has the cure for what ails you. Tubing for the summer sizzle, biking for the weekend warrior, birding for the quiet escape, and some serious fly-fishing for those that crave a tug on the line. Fort Richardson State Park, Historic Site & Trailway History is the highlight at Fort Richardson, where buildings of this North Texas frontier fort continue to loom large. But even if today’s travelers aren’t settling the West, many still come to pitch tents and blaze trails. Old Tunnel State Park Abandoned by train traffic long ago, a century-old tunnel near Fredericksburg has become a seasonal home for millions of bats. Now this small state park provides a grand wildlife viewing opportunity on summer evenings. Goliad State Park & Historic Site If you’ve been to Goliad State Park & Historic Site, you’re probably familiar with the rich cultural history of the site. What you might not have experienced are the outdoor activities at the park; like camping, nature hikes, biking, and paddling the nearby Goliad Paddling Trail. There’s a lot to do here no matter you primary interest. Huntsville State Park Huntsville State Park opens a door to 2000 acres of outdoor adventure. You can camp, mountain bike, and of course fish the day away on Lake Raven. Your East Texas Pineywoods adventure awaits. Postcard From Texas Sitting around the campfire is one of the things that makes camping in a state park even more relaxing.

PBS SHOW - Texas Paddling Trails - #2909

Program 2909, Air Dates December 6-12, 2020 & June 6-12, 2021 Texas Paddling Trails Paddling Trails of Texas There are new paddling trails popping up all over Texas. Grab your canoe and come along as we check out some of the state’s best river trips, on the coast, in Houston, and on the Guadalupe River. All you need is a paddle and an excuse to get wet. Mission Reach Paddling Trail When you think of a river adventure in San Antonio, the famous Riverwalk comes to mind. But there is a paddling trail of a different sort that’s worth checking out. Dallas Trinity Paddling Trail Grab a paddle and hit the river, wherever you live there is a paddling trail nearby. For folks in Dallas there’s one right in the heart of the city. The Dallas Trinity Paddling Trail is 10.2 miles of unexpected fun. Caddo Lake Paddling Trails Straddling the Texas-Louisiana border, swampy Caddo Lake in Northeast Texas has an enduring air of mystery. And the paddling trails is the ideal way to explore this fascinating lake. Port O’Connor Paddling Trail If you love to paddle and you want to get away there is no better paddling trail than the one in Port O’Connor. From paddling the bays, to sliding through a saltwater marsh, this one of the best coastal paddling trails in the state. Postcard From Texas Take a leisurely float down the San Antonio river on the Goliad Paddling Trail.

PBS SHOW - Game Wardens Past & Present - #2908

Program 2908, Air Dates November 29-December 5, 2020 & May 30-June 5, 2021 Texas Game Wardens Past & Present Texas Game Wardens, A Look Back Meet some Game Wardens of the past as we open the vaults to an old film that showcases the history of the agency. Sit around the campfire with some longtime Game Wardens, and hear some tall tales. Kathleen Stuman Profile Kathleen Stuman has been a warden since 2000. Helping those with disabilities catch their first fish is all in a day’s work for this Texas Game Warden. Shawn Hervey Profile Each year, Game Warden Shawn Hervey takes kids hunting. Kids from Texarkana, from a nearby orphanage, even a teenager fighting cancer. Throughout his career as a Game Warden, he’s introduced thousands of children to the outdoors. Some of these kids have never seen a deer. All of them will have an opportunity to experience stewardship, many for the first time in their young lives. K-9 Wardens, A Nose for the Job 2809 Game Wardens do a lot of varied tasks with a wide variety of tools. One of their tools has a fuzzy face and four legs. Meet the Texas Game Warden K-9’s. Searching for hidden game, weapons, missing people, or playing with a tennis ball, it’s all in day’s work for these canine commissioned Texas Game Wardens. Postcard From Texas Enjoy the peace and quiet of an early morning at Goliad State Park & Historic Site.