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PBS SHOW | Weekend at Ray Roberts Lake State Park

In this special episode of Texas Parks and Wildlife, we visit Ray Roberts Lake State Park for the weekend, meeting a camping family, equestrian trail-riders, mountain bikers and anglers, all enjoying this North Texas park in their own way. Find out why all of these folks choose to spend their leisure time at this multi-faceted park north of Dallas and Fort Worth. Program 3126, Air Dates: April 2-8, 2023 & October 1-7, 2023 #TexasStateParks

PBS SHOW | Painters Celebrate Parks, Hawk Watcher, East Texas Wilderness

Meet artists commissioned to capture the natural beauty of state parks for enjoyment on canvas and coffee tables everywhere. Spend time with a birder keeping an eagle eye on migrating hawks in the Rio Grande Valley. Jeff Gunnels is a dedicated Texas Parks and Wildlife biologist who supervises five Wildlife Management Areas ensuring many different species and their habitats are preserved for generations to come. Program 3125, Air Dates: March 26-April 1, 2023 & September 24-30, 2023

PBS SHOW | Lights Out for Birds, Lake Mineral Wells, Parks on Exhibit

Follow volunteers monitoring bird injuries and mortalities in downtown Dallas and learn how keeping our lights out during migration can help our feathered friends. The mineral waters of Mineral Wells have long lured visitors, but lakeside recreation is the draw today. See how exhibit staff work to tell the stories of state parks through signs, maps and displays. Program 3124, Air Dates: March 19-25, 2023 & September 17-23, 2023

PBS Show | Student Archery, Yoga Hike, Fish & Oyster Advocate | Texas Parks and Wildlife

School sports teach teamwork, focus, and discipline, and archery in school is no different. Follow a team of student archers from San Antonio on their journey to compete in the state finals tournament. Stretch your idea of park activities with a yoga hike. Meet a biologist taking a leadership role in ensuring fish and oyster populations remain healthy for the future. Program 3122, Air Dates March 5-11, 2023 & September 3-9, 2023

PBS Show | Outdoor Friends, Goose Island & Aquatic Habitat Helper | Texas Parks and Wildlife

From the brush country of South Texas to the mountains of West Texas, meet two women whose outdoor interests are as different as the landscapes. Feel the Gulf breezes and listen to the lapping water at Goose Island State Park north of Corpus Christi. Meet a passionate protector of native fish and the rivers and streams where they live. Program 3121, Air Dates February 26-March 4, 2023 & August 27-September 2, 2023

Park History, Fisheries Hall of Famer & Lake Casa Blanca

The State Parks Board was created in 1923, making 2023 the 100th year of Texas’ park system. Learn about the history of our treasured parklands, and some hopes and plans for the next century of state parks. Meet the latest inductee in the Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. And watch the birds and rippling waves from the pier at Lake Casa Blanca International State Park.

PBS Show | Retired Tire Fort, Gator Guys & Buescher State Park

Join a team of first-time fort builders as they get together to construct a unique, nature-inspired play structure from recycled tires. Meet a game warden father and his biology professor son who monitor alligators and their ecosystem at Brazos Bend State Park. See how Buescher State Park offers a shady escape for hikers, bikers, and others looking for a Central Texas getaway. Program 3119, Air Dates February 12-18, 2023 & August 13-19, 2023

PBS Show- Walk Across Texas, South Llano River & Corpus Surfers

Dave Roberts didn’t know much about Texas, so he decided to weave across it entirely on foot, camping at state parks along the way. Visit a Hill Country park that offers tubing and fishing on the South Llano, and hiking and biking in the hills around it. Grab your board and hang ten in Corpus Christi. We join some surfers to find out why they like to ride the waves in this coastal community. #texasstateparks

PBS SHOW - Blue Sucker, Galveston Island & Green Turtle Team

Travel the Colorado River with biologists searching for a rare native fish, the blue sucker. From the surf and dunes of the Gulf to the bay side’s quiet marsh and native prairie, Galveston Island State Park holds a lot to discover. As green sea turtles show up on Texas beaches in larger numbers than ever, a network of people step in to rescue stuck or stranded turtles.

PBS SHOW - Famous Park Trees, Caddo Lake & Collegiate Camper - #3116

Famous Trees of Texas State Parks From majestic oaks to towering cypress, our state parks contain many remarkable trees. Three of them have risen to such a level of historical importance that they have been included on the Texas A&M Forest Service’s Famous Trees of Texas Registry. Get to know a few of the state park system’s most famous trees and see what makes them special. Caddo Lake State Park Straddling the Texas-Louisiana border, swampy Caddo Lake in Northeast Texas has an unusual history and an enduring air of mystery. And Caddo Lake State Park is the ideal gateway to exploring the fascinating lake. From Campus to Camper While most park hosts are retired folks with lots of free time, Palo Duro Canyon’s youngest host keeps a very full schedule. By being a volunteer, Lindsay Stroup found a way to save money on housing while attending college. Postcard From Texas: Lakeside at Isle du Bois Time at the lake means different things to everyone. Enjoy a lakeside tent site, a good book, or some swimming in the water at the Isle du Bois unit of Ray Roberts Lake State Park.

PBS SHOW - Famous Park Trees, Caddo Lake & Collegiate Camper

From majestic oak to towering cypress, get to know a few of the state park system’s most famous trees and see what makes them special. Visit the state park gateway to Caddo Lake and explore its rich history and swampy mystery. See how Palo Duro Canyon’s youngest park host found a way to save money on housing while attending college.

PBS SHOW- Jetty Fishing, Shrimp Science & Rolling Camera

Grab a fishing pole and head to a coastal jetty. You’re sure to meet other anglers, and you never know what will be biting. Introduced diseases could pose a threat to native shrimp and an entire industry. See how anglers can help keep Texas shrimp stocks healthy. Meet a man who takes the scale of photography back a century or two, crafting a large camera from a trailer he tows to scenic parks.

PBS SHOW- Saving Skimmers, Paddling Goliad & Counting Catches

Learn about efforts underway to save one of the most threatened coastal birds in Texas, the black skimmer. Goliad State Park & Historic Site is known for its connection to history. It also has a connection to the San Antonio River as part of the Goliad Paddling Trail. Fisheries biologists like to know what anglers are after, and one way they do that is called a creel survey.

PBS SHOW- Crab Trap Cleanup, Birdy Bastrop & Bobcat City

Find out how an annual cleanup of lost and abandoned crab traps in our coastal bays and waterways helps save crabs and other sea life. Meet some birders flocking to Bastrop as the city embraces their birds and nature tourism opportunities. And see what researchers are learning about how bobcats live and move within our urban spaces, with little conflict and almost without notice.

PBS SHOW- Motorcycling Across Texas, Fort Parker & Dove Hunting

Join two friends traversing Texas from east to west on motorcycles, and follow their adventure as they journey from the state’s lowest elevation to its highest. Visit Fort Parker, on the Navasota River, and enjoy a tranquil setting for camping, hiking, biking and fishing. Follow a family in the Rio Grande Valley enjoying a day in the field on a

PBS SHOW- Parrot Patrol, Goose Island Pier & Mule Deer Science

Threatened by habitat loss and the pet trade, red-crowned parrots have found a home in South Texas. Follow along as researchers try to count flocks of birds and learn more about them. Spend some time on Goose Island State Park’s quarter-mile-long fishing pier and see what takes the bait. Learn how researchers are teaming up to take a look at mule deer populations in the Texas Panhandle.

PBS SHOW- Retriever on Trial, Longhorn Cavern & Neighborhood Fishing

Learn what it takes to train a top-level hunting dog and watch the action as these top dogs are put to the test. Take a deep dive into Longhorn Cavern and explore a place rich in both interesting history and fascinating geology. See how going fishing in stocked ponds and lakes is an affordable way to get the family out of the house and get kids excited about the outdoors.

PBS SHOW- Hundred-Mile Hike, Wagley Ranch & Monarch Motel

Follow along as a young adventurer tackles her first long-distance hike on the longest trail in Texas, and feel her triumphs as well as her aching feet. Visit the Wagley Ranch, in Palo Pinto County, where endangered birds in hillside woodlands are right at home with a cattle herd on native grasslands. See how migrating monarchs turn a grove of oak trees into a magical monarch motel.

PBS SHOW- Shrinking Sundown, Ebel Grasslands & San Angelo State Park

Meet the people saving an eroding island for nesting birds, in honor of a past protector. Texas’ tallgrass prairies have mostly disappeared, but the Ebel family is working to restore their piece of prairie to what it once was. Travel to San Angelo State Park where wide-open spaces abound and where visitors can hike, bike, or gallop across more than 50 miles of trails.

PBS SHOW- Seed Collectors, Wuest Ranch & Sparrow Searchers

Learn how plant experts collect seeds to help propagate rare plants and protect our natural heritage. Visit a Hill Country ranch where a subterranean discovery became a nature tourism magnet, and where ranching operations care for resources above and below the ground. Follow a survey of grassland birds near Marfa that is part of an effort to document dwindling habitat from Canada to Mexico.

PBS SHOW- Saving Sharks, Indian Springs & Parks on the Air

Sharks are under threat from a global appetite and unregulated fishing. See how biologists study shark health and behavior in the Gulf of Mexico. Visit a ranch in the Panhandle that preserves delicate grasslands, springs, and a long human history within its scenic hills and canyons. Some visit parks to escape technology, but a few folks like to bring it along and do a little broadcasting.

PBS SHOW- Bee Folks, Coastal Prairie Protectors & Fort Boggy

Meet a couple who wanted a property where they could ride their bikes, but who have become habitat creators for native bees and butterflies. Travel to a ranch in the southeastern part of the state where cattle-raising and coastal prairie conservation are a family affair. Take a trip to shady Fort Boggy State Park, where primitive camping and fancy cabin glamping are both available to visitors.

PBS Show- Feral Pig Cookoff, Quail Ranch & Kickapoo Cavern

See how some South Texans have come up with a tasty way of tackling the feral pig problem. Visit the Quail Ranch, where an energy company is restoring grassland habitat in the Permian Basin, benefitting prairie dogs, burrowing owls, and other wildlife. And take a trip to Kickapoo Cavern, where visitors can get away from it all, watch a bat flight, and maybe even spot an endangered songbird.

PBS SHOW - Armored Invasion, Lake Somerville & Beneficial Wetland

In the first show of the 38th season, dive into the San Marcos River to learn how spearfishing may be our best defense against an introduced aquarium fish. Visit Lake Somerville, where two parks are joined by a 13-mile wilderness trail, traveled by families, fitness buffs and horseback riders. And see how a man-made wetland near Dallas cleans water while teaching the next generation about nature.

PBS SHOW - Bears Go Home, Animals on Camera, Mountain Trail-Builder - #3026

Program 3026, Air Dates April 3-9, 2022 & October 2-8, 2022 Bears Go Home, Animals on Camera, Mountain Trail-Builder Bears Go Home A mother black bear is killed in Del Rio, making an orphan of her cub, while a second bear is rescued from other perils. Both bears are rehabilitated at a wildlife rescue facility in New Mexico and returned to Texas in a much safer spot to roam—Devils River State Natural Area. Watching for Wildlife Monitoring wildlife is important to maintaining the health of an ecosystem. At Ray Roberts Lake State Park, Daniel Rios uses trail cameras to keep an eye on the park and the animals that live there. These cameras offer an amazing view of the wildlife and their habitats, as long as rangers can keep the raccoons from stealing them. Acres of Access There are now over a million acres of public hunting lands in Texas. Take a look at one of the state’s newest wildlife management areas, where licensed hunters can access land for a dove hunting experience. The Trailblazer We meet a trail building legend in El Paso. The Franklin Mountain range is the largest sustained mountain range in Texas, and it has some of the best mountain biking trails in the state. We’ll meet the man that has built many of those trails, and he’s doing it at the spry age of seventy-nine. Postcard From Texas Hike the South Rim Trail of Big Bend National Park with some friends and enjoy some of the grandest vistas anywhere.