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PBS Preview - Feral Pig Cookoff, Quail Ranch & Kickapoo Cavern

Preview for the October 23-29, 2022 Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Television show, #3103. Find out where to watch:

Rachael Harryman - Customer Service

Rachael Harryman is an unsung hero who quietly works behind the scenes at the TPWD regional office in Victoria. This administrative assistant is the epitome of quality customer service. Equipped with 2 decades of experience and enthusiasm for her work, Rachael helps the public with everything from hunting and fishing licenses to titles for boats. She greets everyone with patience, understanding and a warm smile.

Region 4 Virtual Interpretation & Distance Learning - Outstanding Team

When Covid forced closures, park interpreters quickly found new ways for people to continue experiencing the wildlife and resources at state parks. In Region 4, they expanded distance learning by pivoting to a big presence on social media and found fun ways to collaborate and turn the parks into virtual classrooms. Even after reopening, interpreters continue their expanded use of virtual classes and events because they are engaging new, different and bigger audiences than ever before.

Ted Hollingsworth - Special Achievements

Ted Hollingsworth has worked tirelessly for decades to find land and landowners willing to preserve their property for public use for future generations. It’s a critical job because Texas is losing undeveloped land faster than any other state in the country. Ted is a true land steward with a deep love of wildlife and their natural habitats. Thanks, in part, to his work, 90% of Texans are now within a one hour drive of outdoor public spaces.

Jeff Gunnels - Conservation

Land Conservation is critical to the future of Texas. TPWD Wildlife Management Areas are beautiful places where flora and fauna survive and thrive and the public can enjoy outdoor recreation. Jeff Gunnels is a longtime, dedicated TPWD biologist who supervises 5 WMA’s ensuring many different wildlife species and their habitats are preserved for generations to come.