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Nuevas Opciones De Educacion Para Cazadores

Cursos para cazadores en Texas. Caceria Cursos Reglas [PDF]

New season Texas Hunting and Fishing Licenses on Sale Today

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Dove Forecast 2017

For those outdoorsmen and women who anticipate the opening of dove season September 1st, the wait is almost over and this year the season is 20 days longer. That gives hunters more time to take their shot at the more than 30-million mourning doves in Texas. Texas Parks and Wildlife has this report.

A Beak for Birding: Cliff Shackelford - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Cliff Shackelford has dedicated his career to advancing bird conservation and education in Texas. Published in scientific articles and books, authoritative science is at the heart of Cliff's work, powered by a love for the beauty and mystery seen only in the world of birds. For more information:

The Turkey Dude: Jason Hardin - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

In coordination with several partners, Jason Hardin is successfully bringing wild turkeys back to east Texas. Because of his research and coordination with other agencies and groups, the turkeys are gobbling again in the piney woods. For more information: