On the Water

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The Devils River Advocates - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

The Devils Advocates From landowners, to conservationists, and other folks in between, there is a love affair with the Devils River. This remote river valley is about as wild as you can get in Texas. But there are threats to this natural place, and that’s got those passionate admirers a bit worried.

Paddling Port O'Connor

Port O’Connor Paddling Trail If you love to paddle and you want to get away there is no better paddling trail than the one in Port O’Connor. From paddling the bays, to sliding through a saltwater marsh, this one of the best coastal paddling trails in the state. Get details on this and other Texas paddling trails at

Texas Water Safari 2015, A Race to Remember

Texas Water Safari, A Race to Remember The Texas Water Safari is the World’s Toughest Canoe Race, and 2015 was no exception. Historic flooding threatened to cancel the race, logjams made the San Marcos River extremely dangerous, but the race went on! We follow two teams to see if they can complete the 260 mile race from San Marcos to Seadrift.

Traversing the Trinity | Texas Parks & Wildlife

Traversing the Trinity Grab a paddle and hit the river, wherever you live there is a paddling trail nearby. For folks in Dallas there’s one right in the heart of the city! Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show

Blanco River Restoration - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Blanco River Restoration Massive floods in 2015 destroyed much of the natural habitat along the Blanco River. Texas Parks and Wildlife biologists have been working with landowners along the river to help re-establish trees and grasses, and by educating locals about the importance of managing healthy river ecosystems that are more resilient to the effects of flooding. Find out more about Texas rivers at:

Mission Reach Paddling Trail - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Mission Reach Paddling Trail When you think of a river adventure in San Antonio, the famous Riverwalk comes to mind. But there is a paddling trail of a different sort that’s worth checking out. #Paddling #PaddlingTrails

Artificial Reefs, the Kraken - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Back to the Kraken: In early 2017, Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Artificial Reef Program created a new underwater oasis for fish and fishermen with a 371-foot cargo ship called The Kraken. Just months after sending the Kraken to the floor of the Gulf of Mexico, biologists return to investigate one of the Texas Gulf Coast’s largest artificial reefs. Find out more at Additional photography courtesy of: Wilson Barbee Jake Emmert Chris Ledford Jacob Morales Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission NOAA Fisheries

Do You Store Your Boat on a Lake with Zebra Mussels?

Zebra mussels are an invasive species that are a growing problem for boat owners, marinas and Texas lakes. They can attach to boats stored in the water, causing serious damage to the boat. A boat that has been stored in the water on a lake known to have zebra mussels will have mussels attached to it—often in crevices where you can’t see them. Before moving the boat to a new lake or considering boat transport or boat hauling, the boat needs to be decontaminated. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department can help provide decontamination guidance to keep you from transporting zebra mussels and infesting a new lake.

How to put a life jacket on a kid

Make sure your child's life jacket fits safely by following these easy steps. Texas law requires that children under 13 years of age in or on vessels under 26 feet must wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved wearable PFD while underway. Learn more ways to stay safe on the water at

Postcard From Texas: Goliad Paddling Outtakes

Not all the video we shoot for a story makes it into the segment. Like this video from the Goliad Paddling Trail. Didn't make the cut.

Goliad Paddling Trail - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Goliad Paddling Trail Goliad State Park & Historic Site is known for its connection to history. It also has a connection to the San Antonio River as part of the Goliad Paddling Trail. Take a leisurely float down this meandering river.

Grubh's Bugs - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Grubh’s Bugs Meet a biologist that studies aquatic invertebrates. He’s Dr. Arches Grubh, and he loves bugs. Check out some of the two-thousand different types of aquatic invertebrates living in the rivers, streams, and creeks of Texas. Learn more about aquatic species in Texas at

Be Safe, Stay Sober

Drunk boaters on the water become drunk drivers on the highway. Texas Game Wardens and Texas State Troopers are teaming up to save lives. More on boating safety at

Saltcedar Treatment - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks and Wildlife and a group of partners are working together to manage invasive saltcedar on the upper Brazos River in West Texas at no cost to landowner partners. In 2016, aerial herbicide treatment of 3,500 acres of saltcedar was used to help reduce the impacts of this destructive shrub in the watershed and the project will continue in summer 2017.

Rio Bravo, Rio Grande | 1992 Throwback

Kathryn Palmer worked as a video producer at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department from 1989 to 1992. In that time she covered stories on the 100 year old Pitchfork Ranch, the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup, and birding on the Texas coast. In Kathryn travelled to west Texas to shoot a story about Big Bend from the perspective of the Rio Grande.

Swimming Holes | 1990 Throwback

Swimming Holes Central Texas is home to some of the state’s finest swimming holes. While these popular places have been around for generations, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be here for future generations. In 1991 the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show visited some of these spots and looked the efforts being made to protect them.

The Cup Crusaders | Texas Parks & Wildlife

Meet Jace and Jack Tunnell. This father and son team, armed with a video camera, fight city litter, and raise awareness about the impacts of urban trash on water, fish, and wildlife. Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show. Find out where to watch at

Texas Water Safari 2015, Texas Flood InSync - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

We're doing a story on the 2015 Texas Water Safari for our PBS show. It won't air until April of 2016, so stay tuned. This is the Texas Flood boat at Victoria. They are pretty much paddling in sync here. No wonder they won the race for the second time in a row. Covering the race was a lot of work and lots of hours, but it was a very cool thing to do. You gotta respect anyone who can paddle 260 miles. Wade Binion, Jeff Glock, Clay Wyatt, Ian Rolls, Gaston Jones & Andrew Condie are the Texas Flood team. After further review, the paddling team is horrified at their form. Come on, you've been paddling for 27 straight hours at this point, it's ok. I guess the 'thumbs down' this thing has gotten is from them.

Trinity River Paddling | Postcard

Postcard From Texas: Trinity River Paddling Trail Take in the sunrise along the Trinity River from a different perspective. Dallas, Fort Worth.

Canoe Basics - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Outdoor Info: Canoe Basics Get some tips on how to get going as a canoeist. There’s more than one type of canoe, and more than one way to get started.

Barton Springs Swimmers | Postcard

Postcard From Texas: Barton Springs Swimmers Take a dip in Barton Springs. This cool, clear pool is the heart and soul of Austin.

Nick Creme, Texas Freshwater Fisheries Hall of Fame - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

NICK CRÈME 1998 Crème invented the modern plastic worm in 1949 while living in Ohio. He later moved his company to Tyler, Texas, to take advantage of the exploding market for fishing tackle as bass fishing became more popular in Texas.

Postcard: Matagorda Bay Morning - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Postcard From Texas Early morning on Matagorda Bay is a magical and beautiful time.

Beautiful But Gone: Parents Share Stories of Teen Water Accidents -Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

As one of the busiest boating weekends approaches, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is sending out a reminder to be safe on the water. On the heels of a recently released you-tube video called “Never Happens” featuring teenagers involved in a boating or swimming accident, a new video called “Beautiful But Gone” hears from the parents of those same teenagers. The video is a compelling reminder to be safe on the water by wearing a life jacket, learning to swim and closely supervising children around water. The Texas legislature mandated the new video and directed it to be shown in Driver’s Education classes where it could reach 225,000 teens annually. The 10-minute version, “Beautiful But Gone” can be seen on you-tube at Or go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife webpage at and click on Boating and Safety.