Texas Game Wardens

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How To Become A Texas Game Warden

[cc] So you want to be a game warden? Before you can earn that honor, you've got to spend 6 grueling months training and learning. Follow a class of cadets as they find out if they have what it takes at the Game Warden Academy. For more information on Texas game wardens, visit

Lone Star Law, Texas Game Wardens

For more than 100 years they’ve protected our natural resources, the fish and wildlife that we enjoy. They even help in disasters with water rescues and save human lives. But we don’t always see them in action …. until now. Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens have their own television series called Lone Star Law that begins airing June 2 on Animal Planet. State Game Wardens featured in the first season walked the red carpet in Austin at a sneak preview earlier this year. The show premieres June 2 on Animal Planet. Anyone can follow Lone Star Law at

Female Game Warden: Fitting In, Standing Out

Fitting In, Standing Out Today's Texas game wardens have dual roles as enforcement officers and educators. Meet Texas warden Cynthia Guajardo-Echols, whose involvement with the kids in her community not only helps change their lives, but enriches her as well.

The Gulf Game Wardens of Texas

Climb aboard with Texas game wardens who patrol offshore to protect the state's precious Gulf resources.

Game Warden Water Survival

If you're a Texas Game Warden patrolling the water, drowning is a very real danger, especially when you're wearing 20 pounds of gear. That's why some Texas Game Wardens took this swimming lesson on steroids. Here's an underwater view of their water survival training. To learn more about Texas Game Wardens, visit

What Texas Game Wardens Do

[cc] Ride along with some Texas game wardens by air, land and water as they work to protect Texas' natural resources. For more on Texas game wardens, visit

Becoming a Texas Game Warden

Becoming a Texas Game Warden Zack Stevenson's mom didn't know the first thing about hunting, until she enrolled her son in Texas Parks and Wildlife's Youth Hunting programs. Little did she know, Zack's hunting experiences would lead to the game warden cadet school and a career in the outdoors. Find out more about Texas Game Wardens: Find out about youth hunts:

Warden of the County

Jim Daniels is a young Game Warden who turned a tragedy from his youth into a career helping people. We’ll follow him patrolling the sparsely populated counties north of Abilene.

Underwater Search and Recovery Dive Team

Highly trained, dedicated and compassionate, the Texas Game Warden Underwater Search and Recovery Dive Team finds evidence to solve cases and perform the necessary duty of recovering drowning victims. For more information about Texas Game Wardens, visit:

K-9 Wardens

Meet the new K-9 corps! This story shows the first-ever K-9 team of Texas Game Wardens meeting their new four-legged partners. The first training phase shown here focuses on narcotics. That's a reality of what game wardens encounter in the field, though it's only one aspect of their broader work. K-9 teams also learn search and rescue, how to sniff out illegal hunting/fishing evidence, and many other skills. For more information on what Texas Game Wardens do or how to become a game warden, go to

Texas Game Warden Academy Groundbreaking

[cc] Until recently, the Texas Game Warden Academy was headquartered in a converted warehouse in downtown Austin. Cadets had to travel offsite for specialized training. But now, thanks to a public-private partnership, Texas Parks and Wildlife has broken ground on a new state-of-the-art training center in rural Hamilton County. For more information on Texas game wardens, visit

Helicopter Crash Survival Training

What would you do in the largest swimming pool in the world? How about put a helicopter in it…while you are in it! That’s just what some Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens did at a recent survival training at NASA Space Center, near Houston. The Helicopter Underwater Egress Training or HUET is part of NASA’s training for astronauts as well as the Coast Guard and other personnel involved in work over water. Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens recently purchased a new helicopter and have a Search and Rescue team which can benefit from the training.

Texas Game Wardens Policing Pollution

Meet a select few, specially-trained game wardens who, as part of a Texas task force, work to protect our air, water, fish and wildlife from environmental law-breakers.

Sky Rescue: Helicopter Search and Rescue Team

When Hurricane Harvey stranded coastal residents, the Texas Game Warden helicopter crew helped rescue hundreds from the flood waters. To learn more about Texas Game Wardens, visit

Texas Game Wardens, Answering the Call

Texas Game Warden Search & Rescue Disaster Response Texas Game Wardens help protect our lands, our waters, our fish, our wildlife, our property, our environment, but also our lives. The Texas Game Warden Search and Rescue Disaster Response Team is here to help in times of need.

Hurricane Stories From Texas Game Wardens

In August of 2005 Texas Game Wardens answered the call to help as New Orleans flooded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Less than a month later, they were called on again as Hurricane Rita devastated much of East Texas. Hear their stories as they tell about the experiences in their own words. To learn more about Texas Game Wardens, visit

Texas Game Warden Search and Rescue Operations

The Texas Game Warden specialized Search and Rescue Team deploys for swiftwater rescues and land-based search and rescue missions. Learn more about Texas Game Wardens at

Game Warden Technology, A Plan for the Worst

Global Positioning System or GPS technology, at its simplest, can help keep hikers from getting lost in the woods, but this same technology can also help first-responders prepare for the most complex disasters. Follow Texas Game Wardens as they get some high tech training in the field.

Game Warden Training Center Celebration

The Texas Game Warden Training Center celebrates the first phase construction of its state-of-the-art training facility. With funding from public-private partnerships, the Training Center is halfway toward its $20 million project goal. More info. at

Texas Game Wardens Put Dent in Illegal Oystering

A multi-agency law enforcement surge operation led by Texas game wardens has made a sizable dent in illegal commercial oyster harvest and possession along the coastal bend this season, netting more than 300 criminal cases. A majority of the violations were for oystering in off-limits management areas designed to protect the resource, and for possession of undersized oysters. Learn more about Texas Game Wardens at

Swift-water Flood Rescue by Texas Game Wardens

Footage of the Texas Game Warden Search-and-Rescue Team performing an actual swift-water rescue near Austin. Three men were trapped in a flooded field after the San Marcos River overran its banks during the 2013 Halloween flood. For more information about Texas Game Wardens, visit

New Helicopter For Texas Game Warden's

New Helicopter Strengthens Texas Game Wardens AUSTIN, Texas - December 22, 2014 — The Texas Game Warden’s unveiled its new Airbus AS350B3e helicopter that will enhance the department’s statewide law enforcement apparatus and assist with its search and rescue and disaster response efforts. The aircraft is outfitted with the latest law enforcement technology and emergency response equipment including a rescue hoist, thermal imager, searchlight, public address system, satellite communication and night vision. Funding for the new aircraft, which was approximately $5 million, was made possible through legislative appropriation during the 83rd Texas Legislative session. “This helicopter is going to be a tremendous asset and force multiplier for the Texas Game Wardens,” said Col. Craig Hunter, TPWD Law Enforcement Director. “We will not only be able to more efficiently move personnel and equipment across the state, but with the addition of the new hoist system, we will be able to better leverage our marine and ground assets to enhance our search and rescue capabilities during times of disaster.” Among the new aircrafts advantages are its ability to carry additional game wardens including its K9 teams during remote search and rescue missions or other specially trained personnel for specific assignments. In addition to the new helicopter, the department also has a fixed wing 2009 Turbo Cessna Model 206 aircraft.

K-9 Wardens, A Nose for the Job

K-9 Wardens, A Nose for the Job Game Wardens do a lot of varied tasks with a wide variety of tools. One of their tools has a fuzzy face and four legs. Meet the Texas Game Warden K-9’s. Searching for hidden game, weapons, missing people, or playing with a tennis ball, it’s all in day’s work for these canine commissioned Texas Game Wardens.  Help support the K-9s at

Texas Game Wardens - From the Archives (1970s)

As the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department celebrates its 50th anniversary (2013), we open the vaults to some old films that showcase the history of the agency. This week, sit around the campfire with some longtime game wardens, and hear some tall tales. Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS television series

Unlawfully Captured Harris' Hawks Returned to Texas

[cc] A pair of Harris' Hawks, unlawfully captured in Texas and transported to North Carolina, are returned to their home in south Texas thanks to Operation Game Thief. Learn about Operation Game Thief, Texas' "crime stoppers" for wildlife, at