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Save Our Sharks - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

SOS, Save Our Sharks Sharks are disappearing from the world's oceans at an alarming rate and biologists are worried. From shark finning to unregulated fishing these apex predators are in trouble. We take a look at what’s being done along the Texas coast to help save these wolves of the ocean. Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS television show. Find out Where to Watch at

Liberty Ships, Artificial Reefs - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Liberty Ships, Artificial Reefs The Liberty Ships of World War II served our country during a time of need. Today, they’re serving as artificial reefs off the Texas coast, providing habitat for marine life, research areas for scientists, and new opportunities for anglers.

Powderhorn Ranch Aerial Footage - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Aerial footage of the Powderhorn Ranch, one of the largest remaining unspoiled tracts of coastal prairie in the state. Located in Calhoun County between Corpus Christi and Port O'Conner, the land is expected to become a future state park and wildlife management area for the people of Texas. For details, see To learn more about the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation, visit

Texas Jellies, Jellyfish - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Jellies Most people see jellyfish as ugly blobs of goo looking for innocent swimmers to sting. But in reality, jellyfish are beautiful, delicate creatures. They also make a tasty low-calorie snack. watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS television show

Guarding the Nest- Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

When birds are nesting on islands along the Texas coast people need to keep their distance and avoid disturbing them. For more info., see

Wintering Whooping Cranes-Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Wintering whooping cranes on the Texas coast, foraging and whooping.

The Gulf Game Wardens - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Climb aboard with Texas game wardens who patrol offshore to protect the state's precious Gulf resources.

Saving the Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

The Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle is making a comeback from the brink of extinction. Get a close-up look at turtle nesting and watch as the hatchlings crawl into the surf. For more information, visit the Padre Island National Seashore website

Final Port of Call: Sinking of Texas Clipper for Artificial Reef - TX Parks and Wildlife [Official]

The historic Texas Clipper ship rests on the ocean floor as an artificial reef and scuba adventure destination. This story explores her rich lineage: she was christened the Queens and built to invade Japan during WWII. Then she became one of the world's first air conditioned cruise liners. Texas A&M University acquired her for use as a training vessel named the Texas Clipper. For more information on the artificial reef program, see

Texas Clipper Artificial Reef - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[cc] Texas Parks and Wildlife sank a 7000-ton ship 17 nautical miles off the coast of South Padre Island to create an artificial reef on the barren sandy bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. It has become a haven for marine life, anglers and divers. For more information on the artificial reef program, visit

Fishing With Your Piers-Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Pier fishing along the Texas coast is easy and convenient. Whether you're fishing for shark, red fish, spotted sea trout, or flounder, there's a pier close by with plenty of room for everyone. Check out what's biting at

Cold-Stunned Sea Turtle Rescue on Texas Coast 2011

The cold snap on the Texas coast has left hundreds of sea turtles unable to swim. Rescuers are taking the cold-stunned sea turtles to rehab facilities for recovery and eventual release

Louisiana Pelican Release in Texas - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Several rehabilitated brown pelicans and 1 Forrester tern were transported from Louisiana to the Aransas National Wildife Refuge near Rockport. The birds were banded and released. So far there are no known direct impacts of the oil spill on the Texas coast. For more on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, see

Mustang Island State Park, Texas [Official]

At Mustang Island State Park in Port Aransas, you can camp right on the beach. Fishing, birding, and ocean fun are just a few steps from your tent.

Goose Island State Park, Texas [Official]

Goose Island State Park sits on the shores of Aransas Bay north of Rockport, Texas. Known for its excellent fishing, the park also features a 1000-year-old oak tree and endangered whooping cranes from nearby Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. For more information, visit

SeaCamp Students Solve Fishy Mysteries - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Kids at Texas A&M's SeaCamp solve mysteries using biology, chemistry, and physics. Their lab experiences are paralleled with the work done in the "real world" by Texas Parks & Wildlife's Forensics group in San Marcos.

The Oyster King - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

For 60 years Dr. Sammy Ray has studied oysters and the Texas bays in which they live.

Flounder Stocking - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks and Wildlife has started a new flounder stocking program to help sustain Southern Flounder populations, which have fallen by about 50% in the last 30 years. More on Southern Flounder at

YR Navy Barge Turned to Artificial Reef (Reef Site PS-1169L)

An old Navy dive barge has been recycled into an artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico to create habitat for marine life

Texas Clipper Sunk for Artificial Reef (Reef Site PS-1122)

Watch the sinking of the historic WWII ship, the Texas Clipper, to create an artificial reef for marine life in the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil Rigs Recycled as Artificial Reefs in the Gulf (Reef Site HI-A-298)

Obsolete petroleum platforms are recycled into artificial reefs that provide habitat for marine life