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Now stocking rainbow trout!

Winter trout stocking starts today! 🎣 Find a fishing spot near you at #TexasFishing #BetterOutside #TexasParksAndWildlife #FishStocking #shorts #fishingshorts

Casting Call

How do you get kids out of the house, and away from the television? Texas Parks & Wildlife has a neighborhood fishing program that may help. In cities throughout the state, local lakes and ponds are stocked with fish, making it easier for anglers get a bite. And catching a fish is a great way to get youngsters hooked on the outdoors.

Creating more + better places to fish with the Habitat and Angler Access Grant Program

Texas Parks and Wildlife is partnering with local communities to bring more angling opportunities and improve fish habitat though our Habitat and Angler Access Grants Program (HAAP). This video, produced by the City of Hidalgo, showcases how this Rio Grande Valley community enhanced a fishing dock and added an aeration system at the historic Old Hidalgo Pumphouse Channel. Other planned improvements include installation of a T-head pier and the addition of fish habitat structures with aims to increase angling access to the local communities and enhance fish habitat. Learn more about the program and how your community can apply at #TexasFishing

Make Texas Bass Fishing Bigger and Better by entering the ShareLunker Program

Since 1986, the Texas Parks and Wildlife’s popular Toyota ShareLunker program has been partnering with anglers to promote and enhance bass fishing in Texas. Each season (January 1 through December 31), anglers will have new and exciting opportunities to partner with ShareLunker and be recognized for their achievement and contributions all year long. Join the pursuit and help make bass fishing bigger and better than ever before! at #BiggerBetterBass #TexasFishing

Catching white bass on the Neches River

White bass move up river to spawn each spring, offering great #TexasFishing opportunities. Learn more about white bass in Texas at #WhiteBassRun

Cooking Crappie with Tim Spice - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Wild Game Cooking: Cooking Crappie Ok, so now you’ve got some crappie in the boat. It’s time to make ‘em into a tasty meal, frying style. Outdoor chef Tim Spice shows us how.

The Crappie Guys - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

The Crappie Guys Meet Tommy Tidwell, a high school science teacher and part time crappie fishing guide. Tommy spends a lot of time helping anglers learn the finer points of crappie catching. Then there’s Mr. Crappie, Wally Marshall. Everything Wally does revolves around his favorite fish. Everything.

Shane Wilson, Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official][

Fishing Hall of Fame: Shane Wilson Shane Wilson, of South Padre Island, is a retired public educator of 35 years and founder of the non-profit organization Fishing’s Future, which is devoted to strengthening family bonds through fishing. Fishing’s Future’s family fishing events have taken hundreds of thousands of Texans fishing in Texas alone and more than a million people fishing across their chapter’s reach. Find out more about the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center and the Hall of Fame at:

Tracking Bass on Toledo Bend - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Tracking Bass on Toledo Bend Some fish biologists are tracking largemouth bass on Toledo Bend Reservoir and Lake Fork to determine if increased fishing pressure at these legendary lakes is changing fish behavior in ways that could make them more difficult for anglers to catch.

Fishing for Cats (Catfish That Is) - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Fishing for Cats Catfish are the largest freshwater sport fish in Texas and are second only to bass in popularity among anglers. They are also quite popular on the dinner table, but for many, the fun is in getting them there. To find out more about fishing in Texas:

Pro Fishing at Lake Fork, Battle at the Fork - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Battle at the Fork Lake Fork is undisputedly the top largemouth bass lake in Texas. For the first time ever a professional bass fishing tournament was held on the lake in April 2007. Follow along with the tournament favorite and a young newcomer just trying to make the cut. If you think being a bass pro is the “dream job”, then you need to see what it’s like to literally fish for your supper. Find our more about fishing in Texas at:

Wade Fishing the Texas Coast, Where to Wade - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Where to Wade Grab a pole and start wading! It’s a style of fishing few try, yet some anglers say it’s the only way to go. Wade fishing not only puts you right where the action is, but the experts say you can catch more and bigger fish. Find out more about fishing at:

Fishing for Records - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Fishing for Records Since 1971 the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has recognized fishing records of all kinds. Meet a man who holds a record number of records. Retired police officer Chuck Dewey has 238 (and counting) state freshwater fishing records. It’s really just another excuse for Chuck to go fishing. Find out about the Angler Recognition Program at:

Tips for catching rainbow trout - Tips from a Fisheries Biologist

Every winter, we stock rainbow trout in accessible areas that anglers of all abilities can enjoy, especially those living in urban areas who may not have access to bigger lakes. Here are some tips for catching them. Find a fishing spot near you at

Non-Gulf shrimp bait can devastate native shrimp, crab and crayfish

Imported bait can devastate! When used as bait, imported shrimp safe for human consumption can carry a virus—even when frozen—that can wipe out native shrimp, crab and crayfish. Learn more at

Report your Alligator Gar harvest - mandatory in Texas

All alligator gar harvested from Texas public waters other than Falcon International Reservoir must be reported within 24 hours to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department via mobile app or online. Report using the “My Texas Hunt Harvest” mobile app (iOS and Android) or report online at With exceptions on Falcon Lake and Trinity River, statewide daily bag limit is 1 fish of any size. No bag limits on other species of gar. More info on special restrictions and reporting at

Alan Haynes: Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame 2019 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

For more than 45 years Alan Haynes has demonstrated through his professional work and personal contributions to our community a commitment to promoting fishing and the conservation of our natural resources. Not only has he been recognized nationally as a leader among sporting goods retailers, he has been a true leader in Texas’ fishing community,

Do You Store Your Boat on a Lake with Zebra Mussels?

Zebra mussels are an invasive species that are a growing problem for boat owners, marinas and Texas lakes. They can attach to boats stored in the water, causing serious damage to the boat. A boat that has been stored in the water on a lake known to have zebra mussels will have mussels attached to it—often in crevices where you can’t see them. Before moving the boat to a new lake or considering boat transport or boat hauling, the boat needs to be decontaminated. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department can help provide decontamination guidance to keep you from transporting zebra mussels and infesting a new lake.

4 Reasons Cold Weather Fishing is Hot – Advice from a TPWD Fisheries Biologist

Fishing in cold weather has some definite benefits, such as the chances of catching bigger fish, finding groups of fish congregated together, and fewer crowds on the water. Find a place to go fishing at

Guadalupe Bass Success - Texas Parks and Wildlife

Found only in Texas, the Guadalupe Bass nearly got outnumbered by non-native fish. Here’s how helping this species is about more than just a fish: #SpeakOut4Wildlife

The DNA Dude: Dijar Lutz-Carrillo - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Fisheries science requires a lot of complex knowledge and instrumentation. Dijar Lutz-Carrillo knows how to pull it all together. For more information about fisheries science and management visit

Lake Fork Sportsman’s Association inducted into 2018 Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame

The Lake Fork Sportsman’s Association has partnered with state and local agencies, community organizations, and high schools on many projects to promote Texas fishing, including operating a live release boat to decrease tournament stress on the fishery, donating fishing tackle to high school fishing teams, hosting free fishing events to draw kids into the outdoors, placing artificial habitats into the lake to enhance recreational fishing, and planting native aquatic vegetation to improve habitat for fish and wildlife. Learn more about the Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame at

Shannon Tompkins inducted into 2018 Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame

Shannon Tompkins, a reporter and columnist with the Houston Chronicle, has reached millions of people with his articles about fishing and the outdoors. “He doesn’t just tell people how to fish, he has the unique ability and talent to help people understand why they should care about freshwater fishing and conservation in Texas," said Dan Kessler, Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame Committee Chair. Learn more about the Texas Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame at

Return of the Guadalupe Bass - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Return of the Guadalupe Bass The official state fish, the Guadalupe Bass, has been restored to the South Llano River. Threatened by loss of habitat and hybridization with non-native, introduced Smallmouth Bass, the Guadalupe Bass was close to being wiped out. We’ll learn what happened and how biologists figured out how to restore the Texas native back to the South Llano River.