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PBS Show February 5-11, 2017, #2517

Program 2517. Air dates February 5-11, 2017 & August 6-12, 2017 Magazine History, Outdoor Photography & Texas Wildlife 75 Years in Print The outdoor magazine of Texas has seen some changes over the last three-quarters of a century.  Meet the people who craft it each month and see what it takes to deliver the state’s great outdoors to mailboxes and newsstands everywhere. A Day at Sauer-Beckmann Farm Texas Parks and Wildlife Photographer Earl Nottingham takes a look at the daily life on the Sauer-Beckmann Farmstead. Russell Graves Photo Tips Freelance photographer, and regular contributor to the Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine, Russell Graves shares some of his thoughts on what it takes to create quality outdoor photos. Postcard From Texas Between them, photographers Earl Nottingham and Chase Fountain have been shooting photos for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for 31 years. Take a look at some of their favorite wildlife photographs.

Becoming a Volunteer Junior Angler Education Instructor

Whether you’re an avid angler or someone who enjoys working with kids, becoming a Volunteer Angler Education Instructor is fun and rewarding. In instructor classes, volunteers get tools, knowledge, and skills they need to teach kids in the junior angler program. Angler education instructor workshops: This is a Passport to Texas video:

Release The Kraken VNR - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

With so many miles of coastal bottom in the Texas Gulf Coast and very little reef structure for fish to feed upon, Texas Parks and Wildlife has created an Artificial Reef Program that consists of everything from toppled oil rigs to man-made reef balls. Once these structures are encrusted with plants and animals that create habitat, the fish come and the fishermen come too. The latest offering to the reef program is a 371-foot cargo ship called The Kraken. To find out more about the Artificial Reef Program go to

Christmas Trees to Fish Habitat - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks and Wildlife Inland Fisheries staff and the Still Waters Bass Club placed 150 Christmas trees into Stamford Reservior near Abilene to enhance angling opportunities on the lake on January, 28, 2017. Get coordinates on these and other fish attractors around Texas at

College Student Park Host, From Campus to Camper

From Campus to Camper While most park hosts are retired folks with lots of free time, Palo Duro Canyon’s youngest host has a very full schedule. By being a volunteer Lindsay Stroup found a way to save money on housing while attending college.

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