Presenters: Pat Morton
Gary Graham

Commission Agenda Item No. 5
Urban Wildlife Program
January 2000

I. DISCUSSION: The TPW Urban Wildlife Program currently has nine biologists working out of six metropolitan offices--Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso and Edinburg. These offices face immense challenges of dealing with some 80% of Texas citizens, many of whom do not participate in any traditional outdoor activities. Most urbanites are unaware of natural resource issues that can affect quality of life issues today and in the future. Through activities such as Wildscapes, School Habitat program, Texas Master Naturalist program, Minority Intern program, and technical assistance to landowners and communities, urban biologists are building relationships and partnerships that will give greater visibility to TPW and it's mission and provide opportunities to attract urban citizens to enjoy new activities in the outdoors and learn valuable information about natural resource management. Examples of their activities will be described.

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