Presenters: Gary Graham, Larry McKinney

Commission Agenda Item No. 4
Big Time Texas Hunts/Fish Texas Program and Fee Resolution
January 2001

I. DISCUSSION: Big Time Texas Hunts has developed into a successful vehicle to generate funds for wildlife research, while also promoting participation in hunting. A similar opportunity may exist for fishing. Staff from Aquatic Resources (Inland and Coastal Fisheries, Resource Protection, and the Education/Outreach Program) and Conservation Communication jointly has developed a pilot program to evaluate the efficacy of such a promotion.

The pilot program would be launched this spring between March and June to include national fishing week (the first weekend in June is free fishing weekend). The drawing for winners would follow in mid-June so that these winners would be highlighted in the fall Hook and Bullet newsletter, helping to promote entries in Big Time Texas Hunts.

The pilot will test direct mail strategies that have been successful for Big Time Texas Hunts, but with the focus on fishing where that can be determined. Supercombo holders, Combo holders with saltwater stamps, Resident fishing license holders with saltwater stamps, registered boat owners with appropriate boat types, etc.

No name has been adopted for the program, but it is anticipated that four unique fishing opportunities will be offered at $10 per application. One trip will offer a combination of Small and Largemouth Bass fishing on Lake Fork and Texoma. Another will offer a combination of inshore and offshore fishing along the Texas coast. A third trip wile have a family orientation and a fourth will provide a fly-fishing opportunity.

Our goal for the pilot would be to test several marketing concepts and generate sufficient applications to recover the $85,000 budgeted for this project. The goal of a successful program would be to generate funds to promote fishing in Texas. All funds from any ongoing program that might evolve from the pilot would be totally dedicated to that effort.

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