Presenters: Susan Harris, Page Campbell

Commission Agenda Item No. 5
Non-Profit Partners Resolution
May 2002

I. Discussion: Pursuant to S.B. 305 as enacted by the 77th Legislative Session, staff will present to the Finance Committee and full Commission a resolution adopting current non-profit partners. Two lists will be presented for approval, closely related non-profits (our friends groups) and other non-profits. Recommendations will be made regarding the ongoing department policy for this approval.

II. Recommendation: The staff recommends the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopts by resolution (Exhibit A) the closely related nonprofit partners (Exhibit B) and other nonprofit partners (Exhibit C).”

Attachments - 4

1. Exhibit A - Resolution (available upon request)
2. Exhibit B – Closely Related Non-Profit Partners (available upon request)
3. Exhibit C – Other Non-Profit Partners (available upon request)
4. Exhibit D – Fiscal Note (available upon request)