Presenter: Amos Cooper

Commission Agenda Item No. 7
Alligator Proclamation
Recommended Adoption of Propose Changes
May 28, 2009

I. Executive Summary: This item seeks adoption of proposed changes to alligator regulations. The proposed change clarifies that a person who takes an alligator on public hunting lands must obtain a commercial alligator hide tag if the person engages in a commercial use of the alligator or part of the alligator.

II. Discussion: Under Parks and Wildlife Code, Chapter 65, the Commission is authorized to regulate the taking, possession, propagation, transportation, exportation, importation, sale, and offering for sale of alligators, alligator eggs, or any part of an alligator that the commission considers necessary to manage this species.

Current rules require a public hunter to purchase a commercial hide tag if the hunter intends to commercially use an alligator harvested on public hunting lands. The proposed rule would clarify that this provision applies at all times and not just at the time of harvest.

The Regulations Committee at its March 2009 meeting authorized staff to publish the proposed amendment in the Texas Register for public comment. The proposed rule appeared in the April 24, 2009, issue of the Texas Register (34 TexReg 2597). A summary of public comment on the proposed rule will be presented at the time of the hearing.

III. Recommendation: Staff recommends that the Commission adopt the proposed motion:

"The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopts an amendment to §65.357, concerning Purchase and Sale of Alligators, with changes as necessary to the proposed text as published in the April 24, 2009, issue of the Texas Register (34 TexReg 2597)."

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  1. Exhibit A - Alligator Proclamation Proposed Rule