Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission
Public Hearing

May 28, 2009 Commission Meeting

Service Awards

Retirement Certificates
Division Recipient Title Location Length of Service
Inland Fisheries Joan Glass Program Spec. V Waco 20 Years
Service Awards
Division Recipient Title Location Length of Service
State Parks Sally Stolz Clerk III Washingtin 35 Years
State Parks David Bischofhausen Manager II Fort Davis 30 Years
State Parks Jimmie Rodriguez, Jr. Program Spec. VI Kerrville 25 Years
State Parks Paul Kisel Manager II Denison 25 Years
State Parks Brent Leisure Manager V Bastrop 25 Years
Coastal Fisheries Winston Denton Program Spec. V Dickinson 20 Years
Coastal Fisheries Michaela Hill F&W Tech. III Rockport 20 Years
Coastal Fisheries Terry Stelly Natural Resource. Spec. V Port Arthur 20 Years
Coastal Fisheries Connie Stolte Program Spec. VI Lake Jackson 20 Years