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Wildlife Diversity Permits: Falconry Permits

There are three levels of falconry permits: apprentice, general and master. All falconers must have proper facilities and federal and state permits before possessing a bird. Apprentice falconers must practice the sport under a general or master level sponsor for two years before upgrading to general class. Apprentice falconers must capture their birds from the wild; general and master level falconers can obtain birds through a breeding project or from another falconer.

Raptor Propagation: These permits authorize raising birds of prey for use in the sport of falconry. Permittees must have at least five years of experience in the sport and adequate facilities to house breeding birds.

Nonresident Raptor Trapper: This permit allows falconers who have current resident-state and federal falconry permits to come to Texas and trap a bird of prey during the trapping season.


These forms are provided for your convenience only. If they are inaccessible to you for any reason, you may request that a copy be sent to you through the mail. Should you have questions regarding these permits, the regulations or application process, you may e-mail