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Wildlife Diversity Permits: Fur-Bearing Propagation Permits

Furbearing Animal Import Permit: A person who desires to import a furbearing animal into the state of Texas must have a permit to do so. The permit must accompany the animal in transit, as well as a health certificate signed by a veterinarian in the state the animal is coming from. Importation of foxes, skunks and raccoons also requires a letter of authorization from the Texas Department of Health.

Furbearing Animal Export: In order to export furbearers from Texas a letter of authorization from the Wildlife Division is necessary. The shipper must submit proof that he or she has complied with all laws in the destination state or country prior to receiving authorization to ship furbearing animals from Texas.

Nuisance Furbearer Trap/Relocation: Anyone trapping and relocating nuisance furbearing animals must obtain a letter of authorization from the Wildlife Division stating the species to be trapped and their estimated numbers. Nuisance trappers must have landowner permission before releasing furbearing animals onto a piece of property. A monthly report is required whenever animals are trapped and relocated.

Bobcat Tag Dealer: Bobcat pelts taken in Texas (including tanned pelts and mounts) must be identified by a departmentissued tag prior to being sold, traded or transported out of Texas. Tags may be obtained from a regional Texas Parks and Wildlife Law Enforcement Office or from any registered bobcat pelt dealer.

These forms are provided for your convenience only. If they are inaccessible to you for any reason, you may request that a copy be sent to you through the mail. Should you have questions regarding these permits, the regulations or application process, you may e-mail