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Scientific Plant Research Permit

A Scientific Plant Permit for Research is required to take, possess, and/or transport an endangered or threatened native plant from the public lands of this state.

A scientific plant permit shall be issued only to a person who provides evidence to the department's satisfaction that:

  1. there exists a legitimate scientific need to conduct research and that the information obtained will benefit the department in the management of the target species;
  2. the research would not substantially or unnecessarily duplicate existing research conducted under another already issued TPWD Scientific Plant Research permit;
  3. the applicant possesses or has access to facilities to properly care for the permitted plants;
  4. the applicant possesses a degree or certification in a botanical or horticultural discipline or possesses letters of recommendation from two acknowledged authorities in a botanical or horticultural discipline; and
  5. the proposed research follows generally accepted principles of experimental design.

Application packets must be obtained from TPWD, completed, and returned along with a letter of recommendation from each of two people in the field of botany or horticulture attesting to the professional status or competence that qualifies the applicant to conduct the proposed research. A letter of permission from the agency or entity on which the research is to occur must also accompany the application. Specimens collected under a scientific plant permit may not be sold or bartered. Permits are issued for one year.

Any research on a Texas State Park or Natural Area, will require a Texas State Parks Research Permit, not the Wildlife Diversity Scientific Permit for Research. Please send State Park research requests to with a brief proposal (Title, Objectives, Justification, Means/Methods, Location, Project Dates)

Forms and Resources

NOTE: These forms are provided for your convenience only. If they are inaccessible to you for any reason, you can request a printed copy be mailed to you. Should you have questions regarding these permits, the regulations or application process, please e-mail