Getting Started

Archery instruction

Getting Started

Getting started is simple. Participating schools must send at least one teacher to an 8 hour NASP® Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) training course to become a certified archery instructor. After staff has been certified in NASP® they may order NASP® equipment and start teaching students!

Contact the TPWD Archery Coordinator to get the latest training information.

Burnie Kessner
TPWD Archery Coordinator
Cell: (281) 793-5135

One of the keys to the NASP®’s widespread acceptance, popularity, and success is its design. It is a “canned” program, easy for the often over-looked and over-worked teacher to implement. There are three requirements that every school must meet in order to participate in the NASP®:

  1. Every teacher in the program is required to undergo 8-12 hours of archery training, no matter the teacher’s level of archery experience.
  2. Every school in the program acquires, at wholesale prices from the NASP®, a standard, safe, durable, modern, and universal-fit archery equipment kit. The kit is designed for teaching a class of 22-33 physical education students. Every child in the program, no matter the state or country, uses the exact same bow, arrow, target, and shooting style when learning the program.
  3. NASP® activities are taught during the school-day as a unit.