Getting Started in NASP®

Archery Certification

Participating schools send at least one teacher to an 8-hour NASP® Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) training course

Once certified - teachers may order NASP® equipment and start teaching students.

One of the keys to NASP®’s widespread acceptance, popularity, and success is it's safe design.  

NASP® Instructor Resources

School Requirements to participate in NASP®:

  • Every teacher in the program is required to undergo 8-12 hours of archery training.
  • Every school in the program acquires a standard archery equipment kit (offered at wholesale prices from NASP®). 
  • NASP® activities are taught during the school-day as a unit.
  • the certified NASP instructor for the school reports their required 10 contact hours minimum NASP activity each school-year

Contact TPWD Archery Coordinator Travis Glick for current training info.