TX - NASP/IBO 3D Challenge

Save the Date: 

The 2022 State NASP/IBO 3D Challenge has been scheduled for March 22 & 23, 2022

Location: Bell County Expo Center, Belton, TX

TX - NASP IBO 3D Challenge Results 2021

Similarities to TX-NASP Bullseye Tournament

  • Same bows and arrows
  • Shoot the same number of arrows 
  • Same 10-15 meter target distances 
  • Same size 9 and 10 rings on targets
  • Same age groups competing


  • College scholarships for top male and female High School Seniors 
  • 2021 NASP® IBO 3D Challenge Rules
  • Challenge targets: turkey, coyote, bear, pronghorn, whitetail deer, and sheep
  • TX-NASP students invited to attend the State Bullseye tournament may enter the 3-D tournament

To learn more contact the TX-NASP IBO 3D Archery Coordinator Ryan Bass 


The TX-NASP IBO 3D Challenge is a partnership between the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) and TX-NASP to provide a "next step" for archers.