Blind and Visually Impaired Birders

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Tournament for Blind and Visually Impaired Birders:



Number of Team Members

Length of Time Spent Birding





Additional Information

Outta-Sight Song Birder Tournament all ages 3-5 up to 12 hours in a single day (midnight to midnight); hours need not be consecutive X For blind or visually impaired birders. One sighted person per team is allowed but not required. Sighted person must be blindfolded restricting bird identification to sound-based ID only. Driver/record keeper may not assist  with bird location or identification.

There may be other tournament categories of interest to you, so visit All Tournament Categories if you would like to see a complete list.

* There are 9 different regions based on the Great Texas Wildlife Trail. Teams participating in a regional tournament must select their Great Texas Wildlife Trail region using the online Regional Tournament Map, indicate that region on their official team registration form, and stay within the boundaries of that region on their tournament day. Teams in regional tournaments compete against all other teams from the same region for each tournament category.

** Teams participating in a statewide tournament category are not confined to any one region of the state but instead compete against all other teams in that same category, regardless of area birded.