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Site Managers

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Tournaments for Site Managers, Staff and Volunteers:

(For wildlife trail site managers, nature center directors, and others looking for a great opportunity to highlight a specific site, possibly gain media attention, and get a great bird list for a specific location. Sponsoring teams in the categories below or in tournament categories beyond those listed gives additional ways to promote a site.)



Number of Team Members

Length of Time Spent Birding





Additional Information

Big Sit! Regional Tournaments all ages 1 or more up to 24 hours in a single day (midnight to midnight) X Teams select a 17-foot diameter circle from which to bird. Team members can rotate in shifts or can be the same members all day. Birds identified and counted must be seen/heard from within the circle.
Human-Powered Tournament all ages 3-5 up to 24 hours in a single day (midnight to midnight) X All birds identified must be seen/heard after the team has become fully human-powered (walking, bicycles, kayaks, canoes, etc.). No motorized vehicles may be used to move between locations once tournament day has begun.
State Park Tournament all ages 3-5 up to 24 hours in a single day (midnight to midnight) X Teams select a TPWD state park and all birds identified must be seen/heard from within the park's official boundaries. Teams must pay all park entry fees (or use their Texas State Parks Pass), including any overnight fees if starting the count before the park opens.
Sunrise to Noon Tournament all ages 3-5 sunrise to 12:00noon X Teams begin birding at dawn and can bird until 12:00noon.
Texas Two-Stop Tournament all ages 3-5 up to 48 hours in a two-day period (midnight first day to 11:59pm the following day) X NEW TOURNAMENT: Teams select two birding sites that have distinct boundaries (examples: state/county/city park, NWR, WMA, nature center, TNC property) and may bird for up to 24 consecutive hours at each site, minus driving time between sites, in the 48-hour period. Final checklist is combined list total for both sites. No birds may be counted while driving between sites, only within boundaries of each of the two sites.

There may be other tournament categories of interest to you, so visit All Tournament Categories if you would like to see a complete list.

* There are 9 different regions based on the Great Texas Wildlife Trail. Teams participating in a regional tournament must select their Great Texas Wildlife Trail region using the online Regional Tournament Map, indicate that region on their official team registration form, and stay within the boundaries of that region on their tournament day. Teams in regional tournaments compete against all other teams from the same region for each tournament category.

** Teams participating in a statewide tournament category are not confined to any one region of the state but instead compete against all other teams in that same category, regardless of area birded.