Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park

Field Trips

group of kids looking at the camera through binocularsWe offer guided tours and hands-on activities for your students.

Book your program

We lead programs year-round! Reservations are required. Book your field trip in three easy steps:

  1. Pick some topics. Choose programs that best suit your classroom needs. We offer eight standard programs, but can also do special request programs.
  2. Pick a date. Choose the day and time you would like to visit. Have some back-up dates, as well. Program offerings depend on date and staff availability.
  3. Call (956) 584-9156. Call early; dates fill quickly!

We’ll send an email confirmation once you’ve successfully booked your field trip.


School field trips are free if you choose from our eight standard programs. We charge fees for special request programs.

Adults accompanying school groups do not have to pay an entry fee.

Planning your visit

All school groups must have chaperones.

Bring lunches and picnic at the pavilion, which is near our resaca.

Facilities and programs are accessible to those with mobility issues.

Gift shop

Shelves and displays at park storeVisit the park’s gift shop after your field trip. We offer books, games, binoculars, t-shirts, hats, stuffed animals, snacks and souvenirs. Remind your students to bring money if they’d like to shop.

Gift shop proceeds support Texas state parks.

Outreach programs

A field trip is the best way to experience our park but isn’t always possible. A park ranger can also bring nature to your students!

Call (956) 584-9156 for information.