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Insect House

Insect house with compartments holding different natural materialsJanuary 2021

By Ranger Amy

This past month I did a lot of work in the wildflower gardens around the nature center. I wanted to move an insect house from one location to another, but I wasn’t sure who was currently using it. I had to proceed carefully.

This insect house is divided into several apartments with different natural materials. Looking at the house, I could see plugs left from solitary bees laying their eggs inside the hollow parts of river cane. What else was hiding inside the natural materials of this house?

Daddy long legs spider crawling on a pine coneAs I delicately placing items from inside the insect house aside, I uncovered several of the residents. Inside the pine cone apartment lived several daddy long legs. Nestled in the pine needles was a slow moving, very cold stinkbug. Although I did not snap a photo of it, there was something with silk webbing inside the tree bark. I never found the resident, but it could have been a jumping spider.

River caneEach insect found a spot or apartment that was that suited them. A house is nothing more than four walls and a roof, but a home is a refuge. A home is a place to lay one’s head, rest, and feel safe.

Now when I look at the insect house, I know it is much more than a house, it’s a home.