Group Gatherings

Group Gatherings in Texas State Parks

From open-air picnic pavilions to group lodges, Texas state parks have facilities to meet your group's needs.

Call the Group Desk at (512) 389-8920 for information. (You cannot reserve group sites online.)

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We encourage you to turn off your digital devices at our parks! However, that's not always possible. Many parks have wireless internet access.

Day-use Group Sites

More than 60 state parks offer picnic pavilions and group halls to rent for the day. Find a park near you, and check for group sites.

Overnight Group Sites

Barracks & Bunkhouses

The porch of the Sauceda Lodge Bunkhouse.
Porch of the Sauceda Lodge Bunkhouse

If you need overnight lodging for a smaller group, our Cabins & Group Lodges have more options.


The following parks allow you to rent halls overnight:


Check the information for group camps. Some are only for nonprofit youth groups.

Palm GroupCamp 800p 006.jpg
Palmetto State Park's Group Camp


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