Big Sit! Great Texas Birding Classic - all day 'til 6 pm
How many species of birds can we spot from a 17-foot circle?
Camping for Kids! - 2:30 pm
Hey kids, brush up on your camping skills and earn a certificate!
Kids' Fishing! - 9 am (Registration required!)
Come fish with a ranger!
Birding 101 - 9:00 am - CANCELED
We're sorry, but this program has been canceled.
River Trail Nature Walk - 9:00 am
Find out about the park's plants and animals in this easy trail walk.
Bird Walk!
Join us as we walk the trails and look for birds.
Animal Detectives - Kids' Program (2:30 pm)
Brush up on your sleuthing skills as we look for animal clues!
Junior Ranger Hike - 4:00 pm
Find out how YOU can become a Texas State Parks Junior Ranger!
Leave No Trace with the Traveling Trainers - 10 am
Find out how to take care of nature while enjoying being outdoors
Night Hike - 6:30 pm
See what the park is like after the sun goes down!
Creatures of the Night - 8:00 pm
Find out about the park's nocturnal animals!
Twilight Overlook Hike - 7 pm
Hike to a beautiful view as the sun sets.
Junior Ranger Hike - 10:00 am
Hey kids, find out how you can become a Texas State Park Junior Ranger!
Wildflower and Plant Hike - 9:00 am
Explore the plants of the Hill Country!
Monarch Larva Monitoring Project! 9:00 am
Help us monitor monarch butterfly eggs and caterpillars!
National Trails Day Hike - Golden-cheeked Warbler Trail, 8:30 am
Celebrate National Trails Day by hiking this beautiful, 4-mile trail with us!
River Rangers! - 3:00 pm
Let's see if the river is healthy!
River Rangers! - 11:00 am
Let's see if the river is healthy!
"Starlight on Country Nights"
Discover the importance of dark skies!
"Not So Creepy Critters"
Find out the truth about those "creepy" animals.