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Commission Agenda Item No. 13
TPW Facility Transfers
August 2000

I. Discussion: Negotiations have taken place between Texas Parks and Wildlife and several public entities to consider the transfer of some Department sites to alternative ownership and management. These sites include Lubbock Lake Landmark State Historical Park, Jim Hogg State Historical Park, and Old Fort Parker State Historical Park.

House Bill 2108, 76th Legislature, amended the Texas Parks and Wildlife Code to authorize grants for the interim operation and maintenance of parks owned, operated or maintained by the Department and being transferred to a governmental entity for operation and maintenance of the site. A total of $2 million is available each year of the FY00 – FY01 biennium.

With Commission approval today, Department staff will execute grant agreements to begin the process of transfer of Lubbock Lake Landmark State Historical Park, Jim Hogg State Historical Park, and Old Fort Parker State Historical Park.

Also with Commission action today, the Department will end association with the Grand Saline Salt Palace.

Lubbock Lake Landmark State Historical Park:

The Landmark is a National Historic Landmark, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and a State Archeological Landmark, recognized as containing a historically important area having great value to the State of Texas.

The Department is the owner in fee simple of the Lubbock Lake Landmark State Historic Park.

The Department proposes to convey title to two tracts of land consisting of approximately 336 acres, except the land and improvements containing the TPW Regional Office Complex, park residence, and maintenance area, to Texas Tech University. The deed transferring the Landmark will contain language that restricts the use of the Landmark to historical, archeological, and cultural purposes only.

TTU agrees to curate and house all Landmark artifacts and make them available to the public.

The name of the Landmark will be changed to "Lubbock National Historic Landmark". Signage will be changed to reflect the Landmark’s new name.

TTU will design and produce appropriate signage and plaques to be placed at the Interpretive Center that will appropriately acknowledge TPW, Lubbock County, and the City of Lubbock’s efforts in establishing the Landmark. Appropriate signage will also be placed on Landmark exhibits recognizing TPW artists’ works.

TPW will enter into a grant agreement with TTU in the amount of $132,608 in improvements and $550,000 for transitional operating funds.

Jim Hogg State Historical Park:

Jim Hogg State Historical Park is a 178.4-acre site east of Rusk in Cherokee County. The property was deeded by the City of Rusk in 1941 and was opened the same year.

The site is a memorial to the State’s first native born governor, James Stephen Hogg.

Facilities include a scale replica of the birthplace, housing, museum, family cemetery, nature/interpretive trail, and a picnic area.

The City of Rusk has submitted a proposal requesting transfer of the site. The Rusk City Council passed a resolution stating that they will continue the historical presence of the site in perpetuity. They will begin full responsibility for operations and maintenance immediately upon transfer of the deed to the property.

TPW will enter into a grant agreement with the City of Rusk in the amount of $160,400 to make needed repairs and improvements to the site as part of the transfer.

Old Fort Parker State Historical Park:

Old Fort Parker State Historical Park is a reconstructed fort that pays tribute to the Parker family. This is a 37.5-acre site between Groesbeck and Mexia in Limestone County, and was deeded by private owners in 1936. The Civilian Conservation Corps performed the original construction of the park. The City of Groesbeck now manages it. It was the site of the abduction of Cynthia Ann Parker (mother of Quanah Parker) on May 19, 1836, by Comanche Indians.

Facilities include the replica of the stockade fort, day use picnic facilities, campsites, and RV hook-ups.

The park is already managed and maintained by the City of Groesbeck, and they now desire to take legal control of the property. TPW will enter into a grant agreement with the City of Groesbeck for the major rehabilitation of the fort structure, 25 RV campsites, rehabilitation of the septic system and restrooms in the amount of $497,450. They have also requested initial transitional operating expenses in the amount of $81,250.

Grand Saline Salt Palace:

This facility commemorates the importance of the salt industry in the Grand Saline area. Part of the building is constructed of salt blocks. The facility is owned and operated by the City of Grand Saline, and for many years TPW has supplied supplemental operating funds at the direction of the Texas Legislature. An agreement has recently been discussed between the Department and the City of Grand Saline that would make a final operating budget contribution of $38,000 and end the relationship between the two parties. Funds to accomplish this would come from the State Park Account, Fund 64.

II. Recommendation: The staff recommends the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopt the following motion:

"The Executive Director is authorized to execute the necessary agreements to effect the transfer of the three Department facilities for ownership and operations as shown in Exhibit A. The Executive Director is authorized to execute grant agreements using funds from the Texas Recreation and Parks Account as shown in Exhibit A to effect the orderly transfer of these sites. The Executive Director is authorized to make payment in the amount of $38,000 to the City of Grand Saline to end the Department’s financial obligation to the Grand Saline Salt Palace."

Attachments – 2

  1. Exhibit A – Summary of Transfers
  2. Exhibit B – Fiscal Note (available upon request)

Commission Agenda Item No. 13
Exhibit A

Facility Transfers
Summary of Proposed Transfer Actions

Jim Hogg SHP   $160,400       HQ roof, pavilion, playground replace, picnic tables, ADA ramps
Lubbock Lake   132,608 275,000 (FY00) 275,000 (FY01) Utility, roof, ext. wall repair ;interior minor repair; ground maintenance;
Old Ft. Parker   497,450 81,250     25 RV spaces, rehab septic, 2 restrooms, Ft. major structural repairs
  TOTAL FY00 $790,458 356,250   $1,146,708  
  TOTAL FY01   275,000   $275,000  

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