Presenter: Dr. Jerry Cooke

Commission Agenda Item No. 9
2000-2001 Statewide Hunting Forecast
August 2000

I. Discussion: With the exception of the Trans-Pecos, which is still suffering from the effects of prolonged drought, the overall outlook for hunting opportunity across the state ranges from fair to above average. Superior white-tailed bucks should be in good supply in the Pineywoods, mule deer and antelope quality is average, but antelope numbers in TransPecos are at a 30-year low, turkey hunting should be good, and quail are expected to be more plentiful than they have been in the recent past. Waterfowl opportunity should be excellent, with good numbers of ducks. Coastal WMAs are dry or saline which is not particularly good for ducks. Dove numbers will be good, and hunting opportunity on the department’s public dove leases should be average to above average. Squirrel populations are steady in Post Oak Savannah and should offer abundant opportunity throughout the Pineywoods. Pheasant hunting should be above average. There will also be a briefing on the current status of TPW funded quail research in Texas and a briefing on the Bobwhite Brigade.