Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission

August 23, 2018, Commission Meeting


Donations of $500 or more for August 23, 2018 Acknowledged by the Commission
Donor Description Detail & Purpose of Donation *Amount
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation In-Kind Service In-kind services for printing park promotional materials, (banners, brochures, and invitations) for Devils River State Natural Area $2,700.00
Smith County District Attorney -Matt Bingham Cash Purchase four dual-band mobile radios for patrol trucks and eight Moultrie game cameras for trespassing and other surveillance purposes for Law Enforcement in Regions 3 District 4 $26,727.04
Halliburton Giving Choices Cash Support for Texas State Parks $962.10
Coastal Conservation Association-Texas Cash Assist with costs of leasing billboard space for the seagrass protection billboard $16,574.00
The 100 Club Inc. Controlled Item 15 HARS vests for hoisting for Law Enforcement $18,075.00
The 100 Club Inc. Other Goods One airboat motor repair for Law Enforcement $27,865.22
Stephanie Abbey Capital Property One mature male Desert Bighorn Sheep harvested in the Sierra Diablo Mountains $10,000.00
LQ Management, LLC Cash Donation for Texas State Parks $4,657.00
ExxonMobil Foundation Cash Operational use at Mother Neff State Park $2,000.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash To fund projects through the 2016 State Parks Competitive Grant Program (Meta Alice Keith Bratten Foundation Grant) at Davis Mountains, Monahans Sandhills, Seminole Canyon, Kickapoo Cavern, Enchanted Rock, Garner, Colorado Bend, Brazos Bend, Mission Tejas, and Sheldon Lake State Parks. $28,271.98
Friends of Colorado Bend State Park Controlled Items One 13.8 cubic foot frost-free upright freezer - Frigidaire Model #FFU14F2QWN, twelve GT 3TP Mark III two-way radio transceivers, one DR Trimmer Es Pro 26in 50st Model Pro 2614 for operation at Colorado Bend State Park $3,627.25
Friends of Colorado Bend State Park Other Goods Three Rigtech rope/rescue packs, five 24.5” X 18.5” enclosed bulletin boards for outdoor use with locking door and other goods to support operations at Colorado Bend State Park $3,476.85
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation In-Kind Services Loop shelter repairs and renovations for Brazos Bend State Park $14,000.00
Mule Deer Foundation Cash Support habitat projects at Matador and Yoakum Dunes Wildlife Management Areas $17,500.00
Whole Earth Provision Company Cash Donation for Texas State Parks $29,233.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Support for the 2018 Lone Star Land Steward program video production $5,000.00
Archery Trade Association Other Goods Archery equipment and materials to support Texas Parks and Wildlife Community Archery positions $112,781.04
Bass Pro Shop Other Goods Fishing equipment to assist fishing programs locally and across the state $2,501.00
Cabela's World's Foremost Outfitter Other Goods Six hundred and seventy Zebco rod and reel combos $10,043.30
Sammy Hicks In-Kind Services Provided assistance in planning future building construction, in which he is skilled, tearing down, clearing, and replacing .52 miles of boundary fence on White Oak Creek Wildlife Management Area $902.80
Elizabeth Henshaw Cash Support for Buescher State Park $1,100.00
Anonymous Other Goods Seventy-five cast cement blocks (300lbs) and transporting and delivery for the Dagger Island project nearshore breakwaters $6,000.00
Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation Cash Match for the West Quail Program Leader position, based out of Abilene $25,000.00
Berdon Lawrence Cash Donation of Leopold Award prize money for the Public Lands and Public Hunt Program $10,000.00
Fieldwood Energy, LLC Cash One decommissioned 8-pile petroleum structure MI-A-686 for the Artificial Reef Program Rigs-to-Reefs $72,011.88
    Total $451,009.46
*Estimated value used for goods and services  

In official recognition of the adoption of this resolution in a lawfully called public meeting of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, we hereby affix our signatures this ___ day of _________, 2018.

Ralph H. Duggins, Chairman

T. Dan Friedkin, Member

S. Reed Morian, Vice-Chairman

James H. Lee, Member

Anna B. Galo, Member

Dick Scott, Member

Bill Jones, Member

Kelcy L. Warren, Member

Jeanne W. Latimer, Member