Online + Field Course

The Online + Field Course option is ideal for older teens and adult students. For younger students, adults should assist them with their online course and accompany them during the FIELD COURSE. Certification fee is $15 paid to instructor during the field course. The Certification Process consists of two parts:

Part 1: Find a Field Course

The Field Course is completed in four hours (min.). You must pre-register for this course to reserve a seat and find out class details, such as location and hours.

PRE-REGISTER FOR A Field Course HERE!   The FIELD COURSE includes the following:

  • presentation of ethical and responsible hunting,
  • participation in a hunting skills trail,
  • live firing exercise, review of regulations and
  • a final exam (score at least 75% to pass).

CAN'T FIND a Field Course near you?

If you cannot find a field course in your area – you can sign up for a 6-hour CLASSROOM COURSE. There is a final exam at the end of both courses – and certification is the same for both the Field and Classroom Course.

You also can include your information on our WAITING LIST. Hunter Education field staff will contact instructors and try to get a FIELD course set up near your location.

Part 2: Take a FREE Online Course

If you are under 17 years of age, you may take either of these courses, FREE of charge, in preparation for the FIELD course.  (Note: Those 17 years of age or older -- See Hunter Education Option 3 - Online-only Courses at previous web page.)

After completing ONE of the two courses above, print a Field Course Voucher and bring it to Field Course. 

Field Course Preparation

When you arrive at the Field Course:

  • Give the instructor the signed and dated FIELD COURSE VOUCHER
  • Pay the $15 fee to the instructor. Some instructors may charge additional fees for range or facility use.
  • Upon successful completion of the field course, you may print out your permanent certification card once the instructor closes out and pays for the course.


More questions? Check our FAQ page.